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Mortgage Choice is an ASX-listed mortgage broking company established in 1992 by co-founders Rod Higgins and Peter Higgins.

Their vision of building a national network of ethical, credible and professional mortgage brokers that local communities can trust, remains at the forefront of what we do.

Since that time, Mortgage Choice has grown and developed into a fully-fledged financial services provider.

At Mortgage Choice, we have one significant point of difference that sets us apart from the competition.

Our brokers are paid the same rate of commission regardless of which lender best serves the client.

This ensures we have our customers' best interests at heart and an ethical approach to business that drives us.

Our ‘Client for Life’ philosophy sees our franchisees rewarded with 90%+ customer satisfaction ratings. Our customers don't just return to us time after time, they regularly bring their friends, family and work colleagues with them.

Investing in a Mortgage Choice franchise gives you instant brand recognition, thereby avoiding major hurdles that can stand in the way of success for start-up businesses.

Consumers recognise and trust the Mortgage Choice brand. This paves the way for all our franchisees to have their best shot at success.

As a Mortgage Choice franchisee, you have complete ownership of your business and your career. You have the freedom to succeed in your own individual way with the support of the company’s exceptional systems and processes.

Since the beginning, innovation has always been a key element of the Mortgage Choice business model. It is for this reason that we actively and consistently seek to expand our suite of services that we deliver to our customers.

At Mortgage Choice, we want to make sure we can meet all of our customers’ financial needs, thus becoming their one –stop financial shop.

As part of our desire to evolve our customer proposition, in 2011 we launched Mortgage Choice Financial Planning. This business sits alongside our broking business, meaning our mortgage brokers and financial advisers work together to help meet our customers’ full set of financial needs.

When you join Mortgage Choice, these are the benefits the company offers:   

Your income potential

The Mortgage Choice brand isn’t just valued by consumers - we also enjoy a strong reputation among our extensive panel of lenders. Our range of diversified products provide our franchisees and loan writers the chance to expand their earnings through additional income streams. This diverse range of offerings reaches a wider customer base and can add up to lucrative income opportunities for a franchisee.

Accelerated Learning Path and Training

Our Accelerate Partnership Program forms the foundation of everything you’ll need to know to achieve your goals here at Mortgage Choice. We’ll give you access to the knowledge and experience of an established Mortgage Choice trainer by making them your personal mentor for your first 24 months. We also include, live online interactive training modules with our team of trainers. These training modules take place in a rich visual classroom that allows you to easily interact with your trainers. 

As a mortgage broker you'll be required to complete a Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance and Mortgage Broking) and then undertake our in-depth induction with all you need to know to help successfully establish and run your own business. You will also learn about relevant aspects of lending, broking, software, sales, marketing, public relations, business planning and management. Yes, there may a lot to learn and take in, but everything we cover plays a vital role in your success as well as the success of the Mortgage Choice brand.


Induction is followed by credit coaching. Our Lending Support team will review your loan applications as part of our quality assurance check, and offer mentoring to help you deliver the high quality applications needed to achieve your customers’ goals. This translates to loan writing and settlement efficiency.

Valuable Mentoring

Mentoring offered by Mortgage Choice is an effective way to turbo-charge your learning experience. Your personal mentor will offer guidance on loan structuring and applications as well as assistance with our in-house software. You personal mentor will also provide best practices on acquiring key referral partners.

Whats next?

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Why us

Mortgage Choice writes a home loan every 15 minutes in Australia via its network of hundreds of franchises. We offer a wide choice of home loan products via an extensive panel of leading lenders.

A business that's flexible and mobile

The Mortgage Choice business model allows you to keep overheads and operating costs to a minimum. You don't have to invest in infrastructure – it’s all in place! We don't require franchisees to buy or rent premises. There’s no need to pay for costly fit-outs, purchase or lease equipment or employ staff to satisfy trading hour requirements. However, when you start your franchise it always makes sense to allow for an initial period of tight cashflow and it's essential to factor this into your business budget.

Unrivalled training – ongoing support

Mortgage Choice has the advantage of 20 years of experience, and we’ll share it all with you. Our in-house rookie training program "Accelerate"’ is intense. Additionally, you’ll need to complete a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. All your training will provide unparalleled insights into how the industry works and what it takes to achieve success in your Mortgage Choice franchise.

Build a valuable, saleable asset

Owning your own business is not all about today. A Mortgage Choice franchise is an investment in a valuable, saleable asset for your future. Through your efforts and with our support, your franchise should grow in value to build your wealth, making your partnership with Mortgage Choice as rewarding financially as it is personally.

Achieve work/life balance

A Mortgage Choice franchise lets you enjoy the freedom to choose the hours you work and the premises you work from. While lots of hard work is required to build your business, it ultimately means that with drive, passion and enthusiasm, you can potentially enjoy business success and the flexibility to enjoy your personal life as well.


A Mortgage Choice franchise gives you the advantage of a regular stream of leads. It helps you get started in the early days and adds to your own lead generation as your business matures.


MPA Magazine has named 6 Mortgage Choice businesses in their top 10 franchise brokerages for 2016. When you join Mortgage Choice, you're joining a winning team!

MPA Magazine has named 6 Mortgage Choice businesses in their top 10 franchise brokerages for 2016. When you join Mortgage Choice, you're joining a winning team!

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