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Are you passionate about sharing music with children?

If you love singing, dancing, and having fun and you have an interest in nurturing children with experiences that will enhance their overall development, then a Mini Maestros franchise could be the business for you. We are looking for individuals who have an enthusiasm for life and love working with adults and children.

There is considerable potential for the growth of Mini Maestros throughout Australia and overseas as there is a real need in many different markets for a quality educational music program for 6 month to 5 year olds. You can help us bring music and discovery to young children and nurture confident happy learners.

Owning a Mini Maestros Franchise is a great opportunity for individuals to run their own business in their local area using Australian tried and true methods and materials, and leveraging off one of the best names in early childhood music education. We currently operate in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Additional franchise opportunities exist throughout Australia and internationally.

Mini Maestros franchisees are enthusiastic and talented early childhood educators, well trained and supported to ensure they offer a consistent and high quality product.

Comprehensive training and extensive ongoing support is an important part of the Mini Maestros program and sets it apart from others. Training sessions throughout the first 12 months are held at our Melbourne Head Office and are attended in person by new franchisees. Training includes the Mini Maestros philosophy and teaching methodology, each term’s teaching program and franchise administration including marketing. Ongoing support and professional development is provided to ensure that all franchisees are confident, inspired teachers and are delivering the Mini Maestros program to a high standard.

All franchisees have access to extensive online resources to assist with teaching, marketing, managing employee teachers. Franchisees meet at quarterly business meetings and at the Mini Maestros annual professional development workshop.

  • Owning a Mini Maestros franchise means owning your own business and teaching the Mini Maestros program to your customers.
  • A Mini Maestros franchise operates in a defined, exclusive territory for a 10 year term.
  • Franchisees have complete access to the Mini Maestros program and all of the Mini Maestros business resources, systems and methodologies.
  • Each franchisee is entitled to run as many private classes and ELC sessions as they can generate within their territory.
  • Each Australian franchise operates seamlessly under the Mini Maestros brand and is backed by the Mini Maestros Marketing Fund annual Marketing Plans.
  • All classes are directly linked to and advertised on the Mini Maestros website.
  • Franchisees receive ongoing support and mentoring from Head Office as well as enjoying interaction with all other Mini Maestros franchisees.
  • Franchisees generally teach 4, 5 or 6 mornings a week plus afternoon ELC sessions if desired, and undertake some daily administration.
  • Overall, owning your own business means flexibility to best manage your work and your family commitments.

Why us

Our Numbers

  • Around 7,000 children a week attending a Mini Maestros class in Australia.
  • There are over 60 fully qualified Mini Maestros teachers.
  • There are 30 Mini Maestros franchises in Australia. Overseas, there is one franchise in Singapore, one licensee in Malaysia and a Master Licensee in China.
  • Mini Maestros continues to expand year on year.
  • New customer enquiries continue to grow at very strong rates.
  • Our Facebook page ( shows the strength of the community building around Mini Maestros, and is continuing to grow daily.
  • Well run franchises generally achieve 150 plus private students during their second year of operation.
  • Territories hold at least 3,000 children under the age of 5 based on census figures.


EASE OF ORGANISATION: Franchisees use the Mini Maestros “Intranet” for all enrolment processing, including payments, student and class communication and to access online resources.

SMOOTH ADMINISTRATION: The Intranet is an extremely powerful and comprehensive system tailor-made for Mini Maestros that streamlines administrative processes while providing excellent customer service.

BE PART OF A BRAND: A franchise enables you to be part of a brand.
Mini Maestros has a strong reputation for quality music education for babies to 5 year olds.

EFFICIENT AND EXTENSIVE MARKETING: Franchisees have immediate access to an established and sophisticated collective marketing program:

Our marketing program enables franchisees to collectively achieve a much greater marketing impact than the sum of what each franchisee could individually achieve.
All franchisees access the same marketing templates and graphic design: everyone has the same look and feel in their marketing messages, everyone has access to the same website.

EXCLUSIVITY: No-one else can operate a Mini Maestros class in your territory.

QUALITY CONTROL: The Franchisor works to ensure that every franchisee delivers the program and runs their business to a high standard.

FREEDOM TO EXPAND: Head Office can assist you to employ teachers to work for you. This would enable you to take a more administrative role in your business should you choose to, perhaps giving yourself more time to take on another venue and expand into more territories as others have done.

SUPPORT: Extensive training and ongoing support is an important part of the Mini Maestros program and sets it apart from others. Franchisees have access to Head Office at any time to discuss queries and receive additional on-the-spot tuition for any concerns or to bounce ideas around.

BE PART OF A LOVING COMMUNITY: Those drawn to Mini Maestros have one thing in common - they all have massive hearts! By running your own Mini Maestros Franchise you will be a valued community member of a tribe of kindred spirits who are united by their love for children and music, and who all wish to make the world a better place. Franchisees meet together at least once a term plus at training sessions. They talk daily and exchange experiences via our online blog.

The Next Steps:

  • An interview at Head Office which includes our simple singing/musicality assessment.
  • Following that we will provide a detailed Information Memorandum and Financial Model.
  • We discuss your preferred territory and prepare a territory map including details of the number of children under the age of 5 living within that territory.
  • We will also provide you with our formal Franchise Disclosure document and form of Franchise Agreement.
  • We give you the opportunity to talk to some of the existing franchisees to get their perspective of Mini Maestros life.
  • A training schedule is discussed.
  • Your franchise agreement is signed, the purchase price paid and your franchise announced.

Franchisee Testimonials

Both of our daughters were lucky enough to have Mini Maestros classes with two of our franchisees who are still teaching after 14 years.

My Mini Maestros experience started in 2001 when my daughter was just 6 months old. 14 years later I have had the privilege of forming a beautiful friendship with her teachers who were integral in my decision to become a franchisee. I love teaching Mini Maestros because I get to laugh and sing and play and dance... every day.

I love it that families allow me to be a part of their children’s early development and that, sometimes, these families become a part of my life for many years. I decided to own a Mini Maestros franchise because I needed a job that allowed me to do something that I loved, that inspired and stimulated me, whilst at the same time allowed me to spend time with those I love and inspire me, my family. The flexibility of working school terms and school hours is empowering.

Being able to run a micro business and still be available for my children and husband was very important to me. It is certainly very busy, however, I am in control of the level of commitment I can give. Operating a Mini Maestros franchise is made very efficient through the assistance of Head Office. The training, technology, collateral and support that is provided is invaluable.

 Jo-ann Irwin / Macedon Ranges


I was very lucky to be asked to be a part of the Mini Maestros family. The timing for me was perfect as my youngest was about to start school. The hours were and still are perfect for my family and me. I can’t imagine having done any other work for the last 15 years. As many teachers have said, we have the best job in the world. We are also very lucky to have such an efficient and supportive team at the helm.

- Judy O’Neill / Ringwood


Owning a Mini Maestros franchise has allowed me to combine my two passions - teaching and music. Each day I get to share what I love with our wonderful families who are excited by and see the great value in music education. I also love how I am able to work around my small children and maintain a balance between family life and work life.

- Kate Rice / Geelong

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