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The MattressKleen franchise opportunity is a unique, profitable, proven, easily operated, home based cash business with huge potential. Its low entry cost, coupled with experienced management make this a compelling story well worthy of your evaluation. Mattress cleaning has a high level of repeat work and little or no competition in the ever expanding health and home services industry.

Our goal is to be the largest, most profitable Mattress Cleaning business in Australia.

The MattressKleen system offers you the attraction of joining an experienced professional team in the growing health and home service market as a fully independent operator. MattressKleen is Australian grown and operated, we conduct our business with integrity and honesty, working with you to provide the best possible tools for success.

About the Opportunity

Investing in the MattressKleen business as a fully independent operator, offers you the possibility of joining an experienced professional team in the ever expanding health and home services market for a very realistic investment. Our Goal is to create a network of individual business owners who together become the most profitable Mattress Sanitising business in Australia.

System for Success. The MattressKleen system can offer you a home based business to suit your lifestyle, an interesting career path and a rewarding, health related role in the community. There are no expensive outlays, nor do you need a special vehicle.

Imagine earning around $130 per hour whilst you are using our easy to operate system. If you are male or female, young or young minded, motivated, enjoy people, speak English, you are qualified to enjoy your business role and ultimate success. Whether you want to work part time 2 or 3 days a week or run a full-on 5 day a week business, the choice is yours.

Our scientifically proven system of cleaning and sanitising a mattress is natural, dry and toxin free. Our system is locally developed and the best on the market. The MattressKleen system kills and removes dust mites, their excrement, your dead skin, allergens, virus, bacteria and mould spores: safely and professionally.

The Market is huge and provides unlimited opportunity at commercial and domestic level. As an example, 10% of the adult population suffers from Asthma and 80% of Asthmatics react to the allergen produced by dust mites in their mattress. And that’s not allowing for people with allergies or anyone of us who can develop allergies from just sleeping on a mattress not sanitised.

25% of all allergies are due to dust mites and allergy to dust mites is the 6th most serious sickness in the world (W.H.O. 1995)

Appealing Business Fundamentals Rarely can you find a business that is unique, has little or no competition, provides real health benefits, low investment cost, home based and has the ability to be full or part time. Additionally, there is no urgency involved in the provision of mattress sanitising and great as an add-on for existing domestic businesses.

Why is the MattressKleen business superior?


1. Realisitic low entry cost.

2. Management are the most hands-on industry experienced.

3. Machinery, transit cases, sprays etc. are the best designed operationally

4. The professionalism, quality and volume of marketing tools are outstanding.

5. Our branding is effective and memorable, it says what we do: MattressKleen

6. We offer you a guaranteed exclusive territory.

7. Individual Training in your home. Yes, we come to you!

8. Support is ongoing and not restricted to an introductory period.

9. Management actively work in the industry.

10. We are completely transparent, there are no sales tactics, talk with our licensees.

11. Our machine carries a 20 page Electrical Compliance certificate.

I am interested, what next? Simple, contact us! We provide a packet of information. Once you are comfortable with the concept and satisfied that MattressKleen is something you are keen to persue, we take you through all you need to know to make a complete assessment of this investment opportunity. Further, you won’t be badgered by pesky sales people; this is a process you can assess at your pace.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy