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This is an opportunity to join the Little-L Chicken and Burger Franchise in Sydney - This little burger franchise has a BIG following.

Little-L's is the home of awesome chicken and burgers. We're known for whipping up some of the best burgers around, that are doused in secret recipe sauces, all hand made in store. While we're still small scale when it comes to franchising - our business model has been fine tuned and is ready to be replicated in burger eating territories throughout New South Wales.

What's so good about Little-L?

Our Burgers are Awesome.
We’ve refined our menu over years, we source our ingredients locally, we make all of our sauces in house and our chicken is happy and healthy. We have high standards and don't cut corners when it comes to quality.

Brand and Marketing
Our brand is fun, quirky and has real personality. People know who we are and they love what we stand for. You'll be joining a brand that has a following that moves beyond Facebook likes.

Systems and Processes
We have our business running like a fine tuned machine. We're willing and ready to share our secrets to a well run kitchen and business with our franchise partners - we'll teach you everything you need to know.

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The Little-L Story

Little-L started in 2008. Back then we were Ollies, named after my wife Olivia. We were small scale and dedicated to the mission of crafting our burgers - over time our burgers grew in popularity and we knew it was time grow up and expand our small business.

We changed our name to Little-L, after our two daughters. We love our girls. The eldest is gentle and sweet, and as you might expect, the youngest mischievous. With our new name, our promise is still the same but our mission is bigger - To share our awesome chicken burgers with Australia.

We Have a Mission

To make really awesome chicken burgers, and that is what we do!

Who We're Looking For

We are looking for individuals who can bring enthusiasm, personality and a high level of service to their own Little-L Restaurant. We can help you with the rest!


There is a cult following of our store in Bondi - People travel far and wide to get to us and our delicious food! By following our proven business model, you too can cater to Little-L’s passionate customer base!

The Food

Exclusive access to delicious menu and recipes as well as our home-made sauces and marinades. No one else has access to these, and they only come with a Little-L Franchise.

Systems and Processes

We don’t just wing it - we have worked hard to refine and improve our operational systems and processes. They have been specially developed to be suited to a franchising system. You will benefit from being a part of an organised and profitable business model that has been refined over the last 7 years.


We are all about lifestyle. You need a business that will fit into your life, be flexible with your family and social commitments and allow you to live your life how you want to. We can offer you that, and will support you throughout your franchise journey.

Contact us today to find out how you could join the foxiest franchise in town!

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy