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LINE-X began as a small family-owned company in Santa Ana, California back in 1982.

Specialising in chemical manufacturing, we invented the industry’s first high-tech spray-on elastomer polyurea (or in regular English, a durable, tough-as-nails coating). Like many new inventors, we had no idea how this coating would take off.

For years our LINE-X coating safeguarded boats, buoys and big machines but still hadn’t found its niche. Until one day we discovered the perfect application. When sprayed in a ute bed, it is flawless. This coating was meant to be a sprayon ute liner, and we were meant to provide it to the masses.

With physical attributes and an application technique easy to master, we had the formula for a successful system. And so, in 1999, the LINE-X Franchise was born.

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LINE-X, one of the United States top franchises, has a proven business model for the ute aftermarket and a growing range of industries.

Our Franchisees offer the toughest spray-on bedliners on the market, exclusive ute and SUV accessories, and also state of the art protective coatings for virtually unlimited applications.

LINE-X has a reputation of being the top dog among spray-on bedliner companies. Our non-stop drive for product innovation, proven application system, and unmatched technical support set us apart from the other guys. Recently LINE-X introduced LINE-X PLATINUM, a pure polyurea coating technology that is our toughest bedliner to date. In tests measuring the effect of stress versus strain, important statistics in the determination of toughness, LINE-X PLATINUM achieved results 300% higher than the industry standard spray-on bedliner. LINE-X coatings can offer abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance, UV stability, custom color, and texture options. Additionally, all LINE-X Spray-On Bedliners carry our Lifetime Warranty.

More than your ute bed can be LINE-X tough. LINE-X is proud to offer our network a select product line of high quality ute accessories available exclusively to LINE-X Franchises – Truck Gear by LINE-X. Combining high-quality products and service with the trusted reputation of the LINE-X brand is a win-win for customers and franchise owners.

LINE-X has specialised coatings for automotive uses outside the ute bedliner. With our specialty automotive coatings, LINE-X can offer exterior and interior protection on vehicles exteriors, rocker panels, wheel wells, service bodies, and much more.

LINE-X has a reputation for durability and long-lasting protection that extends far beyond our bedliners. LINE-X protective coatings have been used to safeguard bridges, farm equipment, stadium seats, secondary containment, and construction equipment, to name a few. Our crews are mobile, so can spray almost anywhere. As long as it can stay still for four seconds, we can spray it!

Our protective coatings offer UV stability as well as abrasion, impact and chemical resistance. And with LINE-X custom color and texture options, products appeal to a wide range of businesses. Adaptable and resilient, LINE-X protective coatings are environmentally-friendly and exhibit outstanding physical properties – specific products are rated for fire safety, approved for use in potable water applications - as well as being approved by the FDA and trusted by the U.S. Military.

Steps to becoming a Franchisee with LINE-X Australia

  1. Complete the online expression of interest form at  

  2. LINE-X will contact you for a mailing address and send you an initial information pack and feedback form.

  3. LINE-X assesses your feedback form and decides whether to issue you a franchising pack, application form and confidentiality agreement

  4. LINE-X establishes telephone contact with you to confirm receipt of information pack and to verify questions in the application you may have.

  5. LINE-X organises a telephone interview to discuss your application in detail and, upon a successful interview, payment of refundable document bond a disclosure pack is issued so you can seek Accounting, Legal and business advice.

  6. LINE- X organises a face-to-face meeting at our National Support Office in Western Australia with the General Manager and Franchise Development Manager to discuss your application in detail and to meet the LINE-X team.

  7. Balance of refundable deposit is paid and final documents are issued.

  8. Start your 2 week intensive training program in Huntsville Alabama USA. Congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming a LINE-X franchisee.

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"LINE-X takes the time and energy to train their Franchisees and applicators. Overall it’s been a great experience."

"I’ve been a Franchisee since July 2015. I own a very large auto body shop and was looking for something to add to my business. I never expected it to develop as quickly as it did. It’s amazing — I never, ever, ever expected to grow as quickly as I did. And to have all these leads coming through — I’m constantly getting leads, referrals and phone calls. It’s been very impressive. LINE-X did everything they said they were going to do, they really delivered."

"I was able to buy this shop from an existing Franchisee and transitioned into what I’ve been able to make it today. I was in the food and beverage industry previously, knew nothing about the automotive industry but knew that it was a hobby of mine and wanted to be in business for myself. With the steps and the plan that LINE-X has in place it was very easy for me to make that transition. So I followed the LINE-X system and worked to my strengths which are marketing and advertising. As a result our sales are up 35%. If you want to be your own boss and be in the automotive industry than this is where you want to be."

"LINE-X, while it’s a great product, it’s the people within LINE-X that make it so special. Without the support and training and the willingness to bend over backwards to give us the resources and materials from the website to the Regional Managers, without that we wouldn’t have achieved the success we have. Overall it’s been a great experience for us both."

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