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Be Your Own Boss. Own A Kwik Kopy Franchise

Start your franchising journey with Kwik Kopy, the leading provider of print graphic design, printing and marketing services throughout Australia.

Kwik Kopy boasts some of the finest minds in the franchising market, as well as franchisees who have successfully made the Kwik Kopy corporate vision work for themselves.

An independent Australian company, Kwik Kopy Australia was established in 1982 as a Master Licence holder from Kwik Kopy Corporation U.S.A and now owns the full rights to Australasia. After 30 years in the business there are now over 100 Kwik Kopy Centres operating throughout Australia.

Strong franchise brand recognition

One of the major contributing factors to business success is the potency of brand recognition in the marketplace. Recent research shows high awareness of the Kwik Kopy brand and its service range. With a national footprint of more than 100 locations, impactful marketing campaigns and dynamic business systems and tools, Kwik Kopy is one of Australasia’s leading franchise businesses.

Brand strength is invaluable to successful business. The Kwik Kopy brand opens doors, confirms credibility, motivates the buyer and instils user loyalty.

Franchise Package: What is Kwik Kopy offering?

Kwik Kopy is a flexible franchise model with amazing levels of support for Franchisees. Our Franchise Package includes:

  • Allocated PTA
  • Extensive Training
  • Sales Support
  • Marketing and Brand Strength
  • Technology and digital capabilities
  • General Business support

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Why Choose Kwik Kopy Franchising?

  • Kwik Kopy is a tried and tested system
  • Award winning support
  • B2B means you can keep your weekends free
  • Every business needs design and printing services
  • You don’t require any design or print experience
  • The Primary Trading area
  • Each Kwik Kopy Centre is allocated a location and marketing territory, known as a Primary Trading Area (PTA). This PTA is based on a business count and a geographical boundary. A defined PTA allows your Kwik Kopy Centre to focus on local marketing and sales activity to maximise the benefits.

Franchise Training
Kwik Kopy is a flexible franchise model. Kwik Kopy provides extensive training on every aspect of Centre operation. Initial training consists of up to four weeks in Sydney and at least one week on-site prior to opening.

All store systems and procedures are fully documented in a set of proprietary manuals. Additional training for Owners and employees is provided via an ongoing training calendar, during biannual conventions, regular regional meetings and via specifically produced audio, video and print materials.

Franchise Sales Support
As a Kwik Kopy Franchise Owner, you have access to a dedicated Area Sales Manager (ASM) who provides one-on-one local support to you on every aspect of your business. The ASM team’s primary focus
is to help franchisees increase sales and profitability. In the early days of your new business they will work with you side by side, to make certain that you are up and running as quickly and as successfully as possible. They then continue working with you to build your business.

As well as the specialist support available from the ASM team, Kwik Kopy Australia produces an annual financial benchmark profile, against which individual Centres may compare their progress. Areas of opportunity can be readily identified and Kwik Kopy works with Centres to improve their performance accordingly.

Exclusive to Kwik Kopy is THE ACADEMY sales portal, an online sales tool customised to your business. You will have all the tools you need in an easy to navigate format to allow you to successfully monitor your business performance and grow your sales each month.

This includes actual sales to budget information to tell you how you’re tracking at all times as well as a sales forecasting tool that predicts your likely sales results each month.

Continuous marketing is carried out to further develop Kwik Kopy brand awareness and drive sales.

Each financial year Kwik Kopy provides franchisees with an Annual Marketing Strategy Plan, documenting marketing activities for the forthcoming year.

The ‘Marketing Portal’ allows you to manage all your marketing activity online. From the interactive marketing calendar which allows you to combine your own local marketing activity with the scheduled national campaigns to the online ordering of all marketing activity, you have a ‘one stop hub’ to maximise the efficiency of your marketing and help drive sales for your business.

National Marketing
Brand marketing focuses on creating awareness of Kwik Kopy nationally and may use various media such as direct marketing, television, radio, outdoor and web.

Kwik Kopy also has a modern and effective website which provides a welcoming entry point for clients, generates interest and drives sales to Kwik Kopy Centres. A national PR strategy also helps to promote the brand nationwide.

Local Marketing
Local marketing is used to help build awareness and sales in your specific marketing territory. All local marketing activities and options are also documented in the yearly Strategy Plan and you select the campaigns you wish to participate in.

IT Support & Systems
We use a sophisticated MIS (Management Information System) to operate the day to day business in a Kwik Kopy Centre. Our IT systems include a state of the art e-commerce solution (Zenith Web2Print) offering your customers the opportunity to work with you completely online.

To answer questions or to help solve any technological issues, our trained IT professionals on the Kwik Kopy Help Desk are at your service during business hours.

Our Production & Technology department is constantly investigating the market to ensure that we can provide advice on the different equipment and solutions that may improve the efficiency of your business.

The group buying power ensures you always get a competitive deal. Kwik Kopy Australia has developed comprehensive digital and production workflow training so that your Centre runs as efficiently as possible.

Human Resources
Our Human Resources department can help you recruit and develop staff, to assist you to become OHS compliant and run training and development courses.

Besides our support team, Kwik Kopy has also developed a comprehensive intranet site called ‘InSite’, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offering technical advice, marketing and sales tips, franchise group news and many other helpful items.

The process to becoming a Franchisee

  1. Complete and return the Expression of Interest slip and Confidentiality Deeds. You can request a copy of the franchise kit (including these documents) using the form below.
  2. We meet to answer any questions you may have and help you find a Centre fitting with your aspirations.
  3. You will receive an Application Manual and Disclosure Documentation. This includes the information you will need about the Kwik Kopy opportunity.
  4. We meet with you in Sydney for a final assessment. You will need to prepare a business plan and financial projections for review at this time.
  5. Once the Franchise Agreement is signed, up to 4 weeks training in Sydney, plus on-site training will ensure you’re ready to run your Kwik Kopy Franchise.

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Kwik Kopy has been announced as the only print company to make the Top 10 list of Australian franchises in the Top Franchise Awards released by – placing 2nd in the brand category and securing 5th place overall.

This follows a comprehensive independent survey of more than 1000 franchisees from franchise systems across the country, with each franchisee asked 37 questions covering a range of key areas, with the feedback used to benchmark performance in comparison to other franchise systems.

Kwik Kopy is also the only B2B to be recognised in the Top 10 Franchise Awards which exists to help potential franchise owners identify and connect with franchisors that excel in areas that are important to existing franchisees.

Between 2015 and 2016, desire for a Kwik Kopy franchisee to renew their current agreement jumped by 17% and willingness to recommend the franchise system to a friend or colleague jumped by 22%.

Kwik Kopy Managing Director, David Bell says the result highlights a bright future for the national franchise organisation with print still very much alive.

“One of the challenges Kwik Kopy faced over the past decade was a print industry in decline, but we have managed to swim against the tide,” he said.

“We have worked closely with our franchisees to successfully invigorate the organisation and find new ways to outperform the competition.”

The ability to respond quickly to ever-changing market demands has inspired confidence amongst Kwik Kopy franchisees with brand and marketing attributes scoring between a 20 and 30% increase as well as royalty fees seen as value for money up by 21%.

Kwik Kopy Managing Director, David Bell says Kwik Kopy has secured its leading position in the industry due to print, design and online solutions that meet the unique needs of corporate business today.

“We have a renewed focus on traditional print with robust marketing campaigns that have cut-through plus increased resources that have secured big wins for our franchisees with large format products,” he said.

“Kwik Kopy also invests in the very latest IT and innovation including our own customer relationship and information management technology tools to enable easy quote follow-up with customers and highlight customer spending patterns and opportunities to win back lapsed customers. We are seeing significant sales growth for franchisees as a direct result.”

Strategic research company 10 Thousand Feet and’s Head of Intelligence Ian Krawitz said the awards recognise franchises that perform well, as rated by their franchisees which in turn helps people find the best franchise opportunities in Australia.

“In some areas, Kwik Kopy franchisees are the most positive they have been since the national franchise operation first appeared in the Top 10 Awards in 2011. It is clear from them that there is a lot to like about the Kwik Kopy system,” he said.

“Some of the standout reasons for their current success include the guidance Kwik Kopy head office provides to their franchisees to be able to operate profitably and Kwik Kopy franchisees’ belief that they will be able to sell their business for a good return on investment in the future.”

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