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Reap The Benefits of Business Ownership

Are you sick of working hard only to see someone else reap the rewards?

Most people work their entire life and never attain financial freedom.

Owning a business with Kleenit will give you the freedom to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Owning a business with Kleenit

At Kleenit our start-up process is simple and fast, whilst also ensuring you’re fully informed throughout and completely equipped to successfully manage your business once everything is in place.

Total support
We’ve grown steadily since our franchise model launch in 2006 and are now a market leader, delivering superior buying power and enterprise goodwill to each and every one of our franchisees.

We support and champion our franchisees at every stage, providing vehicles and tools, comprehensive technical, business, industry and management training, as well as ongoing assistance such as certified business leads.

Boundless income potential
With a low initial investment, high profit margins, and guaranteed minimum first year earnings of $75,000, we really make sure the odds are stacked in your favour.

Our clever business architecture also promotes greater returns through multiple income streams. This advantageous design sees established franchisees earning average yearly incomes of $230,000, with our top earners making up to $800,000 per year from a range of valuable market segments.

As part of our current expansion, each new franchisee receives a dedicated territory with identified demand. Together with valuable leads and all the tools you need for success, there’s no better way to become a business owner, right now.

Business your way
Whatever your dreams for your business, at Kleenit we’ll help you achieve them. Our goal is to help you succeed by providing established and efficient systems and support that reduce operating burdens, so you can concentrate on reaching the milestones that allow you to grow your team and maximise your income.

Why us

Since opening for business in 1987, Kleenit has become an industry heavyweight, with 40 thriving franchises operating Australia-wide, and an annual turnover of $10 million.

Our Services

Kleenit’s multiple product and service offerings cater to a range of distinct and diverse markets, and deliver far greater earning potential than single product or service franchise models. As a Kleenit business owner, your clients can include everyone from local government, to successful tender operators for major infrastructure projects, to commercial operations and the construction industry.

We provide:

  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Industrial floor painting
  • Concrete polishing and refinishing
  • External building cleaning and painting
  • Factory floor cleaning and coatings
  • Fire (smoke) damage repair
  • Carpark line markings and wheel stops
  • OHS line markings
  • Graffiti management program
  • Graffiti removal
  • Pavement cleaning and sealing
  • Roof and gutter cleaning

Our diverse market segments


Washing and painting for refurbishment of existing buildings, anti-graffiti coatings, grinding and finishing of concrete slabs, carpark line marking and wheel stops for shopping centres and new buildings. 

Major Infrastructure

Anti-graffiti coatings and removal for new projects including bridges and roadside acoustic walls, transport infrastructure including train lines and main roads.

Industrial / Commercial

Pressure cleaning of factory floors, exterior building washing (factories, hotels, fuel stations, shopping centres), and the application of floor coatings to warehouses, and anti-graffiti coatings to commercial structures.


Graffiti removal for councils and state government which often includes high pressure cleaning of frequently use paved areas such as parks and foreshores. Can include high pressure cleaning of council buildings, schools, BBQ areas, boat ramps, railways and anti-graffiti coatings to bridges and other assets.


High pressure cleaning of driveways, pools and surrounds, patios and decking, as well as roof gutter and house washing, and the application for salaries and coloured paints to driveways, concreate areas and garage floors.

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Kleenit Pty Ltd

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Kleenit Pty Ltd

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Kleenits WA Franchises have all been sold since 2013. This is your chance to join our team with a low investment and high returns. more ››
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Get Started Today

At Kleenit we’ve created a simple and swift start-up process, so that once you’ve decided to embrace business ownership, you can have your profitable new business up and running almost straightaway.

Step 1
As soon as you contact us, we’ll send you all the information you need to fully understand this distinctive and valuable franchise opportunity. Once you’ve worked through the information pack and you’re happy to proceed, simply complete and return the official application form to us.

Step 2
Between days 7-10, a member of the Kleenit team will contact you to schedule a comprehensive discussion and interview.

Step 3
In the day or two following this phone call, and after the discussion and interview, you’ll transfer the $1,500.00 refundable deposit which secures your territory. We’ll then provide you with your copies of the disclosure document and draft franchisee agreement to take to your solicitor and accountant for independent advice, so that you can be sure you want to proceed. We provide a two week period for you to complete this process.

Step 4
On around day 25-26, you’ll transfer $4,000 for final preparation of the franchise agreement in your name. This amount is deducted from the overall franchisee fee. The franchise agreement generally takes around two weeks to prepare.

Step 5
By day 40 you’ll sign the franchise agreement and pay the balance of $61,000.00 (inc GST), for your share in the exciting and growing Kleenit Franchise Group.

Step 6
This is the final step. Once all the administrative and other tasks have been completed, you’ll undertake a specialised one week training course at the Kleenit Training Academy in Western Australia. Courses are generally delivered bimonthly, however, dates and timing can vary.

As soon as you’ve completed your intensive training, your exciting new life as a Kleenit entrepreneur commences.

Mustapha Labbade - Kleenit Bondi NSW

I purchased my Kleenit Franchise because I was tired of working for somebody else and wanted to do something on my own that would compliment my background.  Being a Franchisee has been a good investment for my family and life style and as such I have been able to grow the business Model and employ staff. I look forward to continued growth in the coming years on both a personal and business basis.  


Michael Gillespie - Kleenit Canning Vale WA

I have been a Kleenit Franchisee for nearly 5 years now and I have been able to grow my business to the extent where I have recently purchased a second territory. The varied options that are available to me on a daily basis enable me to continue to grow and nurture my business and keep expanding and exploring new opportunities that are continually provided.


Steven Trapman - Kleenit Mornington VIC

With Kleenit I have the opportunity to develop my own business in partnership with a stable and fast growing Franchise. Having the chance to implement my own ideas and at the same time become a part of an expanding National Company is altogether thrilling as well as a satisfying adventure.


Mark Peterson - Kleenit Penrith NSW

I purchased a Kleenit Franchise because when you’re in business for yourself, you are BY yourself. The greatest thing about being in a Kleenit Franchise is that the Franchise owners help each other and share advice because we’re not in competition but here to see each other grow. 

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