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Jim's Antennas is Australia's largest and most successful antenna and audio visual installation company.

The Top 5 reasons a Jim's Antennas Franchise Is The Best Decision

  1. No Experience Required- We provide full training & support to start your business regardless of your previous experience
  2. Full Training Provided- Our highly experienced trainers use proven methods to ensure you are confident at all aspects of the job
  3. Work Guarantee- We provide a $1500 a week work availability guarantee, ensuring you piece of mind
  4. Work At Your Own Pace- Focus on income, lifestyle and job satisfaction. No more boring 9-5- work where and when you want
  5. Supportive Network- We work together as one team providing the highest level of support, ongoing training and technical assistance.

Jim's Antennas is part of the Jim's Group of companies, Jim's name and face has become one of the most recognisable and trusted brands within Australia. Known for great service, reliability and consistency of work , the 40 plus divisions of Jim's Group have earned reputations as leaders in their fields.

Since being established in 1999 by Andrew Parke, Jim's Antennas has grown to be Australia's largest antenna and audio visual company with over 150 franchises across Australia. We attribute our success to many years in the industry,regular training to stay on top of the latest technology, outstanding service and a great team.

Our Franchises specialise in a variety of audio visual services , including antenna installations and repairs, TV wall mounting, data points, home theatre and MATV systems and national contracts such as wireless NBN.

Our Franchisees are passionate about setting the highest standings in the antenna installation industry. With well trained, competent and motivated technicians there are no limitations in this business.

At Jim's Antennas we work together providing a supportive network and ongoing technical assistance. We are committed to supporting each Franchisee and their family, through every step of the way so that their business will thrive. We believe that the success of any company is dependent on it's people this is why we aim at attracting only the best.

  • Initial Enquiry- send in an enquiry and we will post you out an information kit containing all the information you need and will give you a call to discuss and answer any questions.
  • Interview- a casual chat with the Franchisor
  • Trial Day- a free no obligation trial day on the road with one of the Jim's Antennas trainers so you can get out there and see what's involved day to day.
  • National Induction Training- 3 day training course at Jim's Group
  • Sign Up- sign agreements
  • 4 Weeks Practical training- 4 weeks on the road training, with a Jim's Antennas trainer
  • Start Running Your own Business

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"Wow, what a life changing decision! Owning our own Corporate Jims Antennas business in Ballarat for the past 5 years has allowed us the opportunity to control our own financial future while having professional support at our finger tips.
Owning a corporate franchise gives us the peace of mind that we could work our own business, create a positive professional reputation and successful local business. We did not just buy a business but a lifestyle that our whole family can enjoy.Shane Cunningham- Jim's Antennas (Ballarat)

Owning our own business, has given us a lot of self-satisfaction in helping others to resolve their issues with TV, phone, data problems & home theatre etc. It enables us to have a flexible life style, work as hard as we want or as little. (Living the dream as we say) Having a really good support group from Jim’s Antennas is great, always someone in the team that can help resolve a problem if needed.
Owning and running your own business is sometimes challenging, but overall the personal satisfaction makes all worthwhile.Donald Tippet- Jim's Antennas (Bundaberg)

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