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Established in 1993 James’ Home Services represents a powerhouse in the cleaning industry, and was recently acquired by a major national commercial cleaning company. Together both companies create an ideal business partnership.

As a James’ Home Services Franchisee, you will enjoy the satisfaction of running your own business, while knowing you have the back-up of a proven and recognised company. The second tier of management is the Regional Franchisors. The Regional Franchisors have the opportunity to build their own network by using our proven Systems to help others grow successful businesses The company has seen a surge in franchisee growth and has now been accepted as a member of the Franchise Council of Aust.

Our customers enjoy both the security of dealing with a large and well-known national brand, along with the local, personalised service given by their local Franchisees..

Why us

James’ Home Services is one of the strongest brands in the home services business.

James’ Home Services has spent over twenty years developing, perfecting and proving the effectiveness of its business and training systems.

The demand for home services continues to rapidly grow as time-poor customers look to spend more hours with their families rather than doing household chores. We make life better for our customers. Our “Gold Medal Service” is of the highest quality and we continually strive to improve our services to ensure our customers are truly delighted.

What’s the difference between a Service Franchisee and a Master Franchisee?
A Service Franchise has a hands-on, practical service role, dealing directly with clients. A Master Franchise has a management, leadership and business coaching role, rather than one of “hands-on” service. A Master Franchise own the rights to develop their own franchise network by recruiting Service Franchises in their exclusive area. To be successful as a Master Franchisee, we recommend you have suitable business and/or management experience.

How does James’ support its franchisees?

We provide extensive ongoing training and support including:

  • Your own Business/Personal Coach
  • Monthly Meetings with other Franchisees
  • Training Sessions / Guest Speakers
  • Annual General Meeting / Awards Night

What about marketing and advertising?

Each Franchisee has access to our National Marketing Strategy which includes National and local TV, Radio, Internet and Social Media. We also undertake extensive marketing and advertising campaigns, creating effective consumer-oriented marketing strategies, Quality Brochures, Local Shopping Centre Promotions, Charity Events, Markets and Merchandising. All of which reinforce our trusted brand’s reputation for professional and friendly service.

What initial training do I receive?

The franchisee receives practical training through their own professional training coach, in your own area. So, we bring the trainer to you.

As a James’ Home Services Franchisee, you’ll have a hands–on, practical service role, dealing directly with clients, and building up your cash flow with repeat business from satisfied customers. Our systems and research have proven that rather than attempt to provide all services, you’ll be faster, busier, and better at your job by focusing on just one.

As part of our system, each franchisee receives ongoing individual business and personal coaching and assistance in areas such as accounting, business communication, Building great customer relations, and marketing.

Other ongoing training and support also includes our regular newsletter, monthly franchisee meetings, ongoing training sessions, guest speakers, and annual national meetings. We train you in all the practical skills you’ll need. Perhaps even more importantly, we give you the skills to become not just a “cleaning expert” but a successful business person.

That’s why we’ll teach you how to become a professional specialist in one of the service areas listed below:

  • House Cleaning
  • Window & Exterior Cleaning
  • Lawn & Garden Care
  • Mobile Car Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pool and Spa Care
  • Test and Tag Safety Services
  • Regional Franchisors

Why should I join the James’ Home Services team?

Simply, we are confident we have the best systems in our industry. Our training, support and marketing systems are second to none. See for yourself - talk to our expert advisers for more information.

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James Home Services

Chermside, Redcliffe, Narangba, North Lakes | Brisbane
$25,000 - $49,999
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Great opportunity to own 2 businesses for the price of 1! Get your work life balance back & enjoy the flexibility owning your own business offers. Full training, ongoing business coaching & marketing. more ››
2 business in 1! Carpet & Pest control. Flexible hours, Income Guarantee !!!
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James Home Services

Redcliffe, Chermside, Morayfield, Deagon | Brisbane
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Get your work/life balance back with a James' franchise. Choose from Interior cleaning, Lawn & Garden, Window & exterior, Carpet & pest, Car, Pet grooming & hydrobath, Test & tag, Pool & spa more ››
Own your own business with JAMES' HOME SERVICES - 8 services to choose from...

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