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Join one of Australia's fastest growing franchise opportunities and secure your financial future leveraging a global super brand, DHL.

Opportunities are now available now to launch your InXpress business however availability is limited in each area, so act now to secure your market.

You simply need a love for sales, building customer relationships and have a drive to build a lifestyle you have always dreamed of and let InXpress make the rest easy!

As an InXpress franchisee you will be provided access to a fully integrated system, with the training and support to help you flourish and succeed.

At InXpress we leverage our global buying power with world class logistics and freight carriers to secure preferred rates, and provide international express, domestic express, freight and mail services to customers.

Since the late 90's InXpress has been a trusted shipping advisor and we serve our customers in many corners of the world by providing them with a complete shipping solutio, tailored to their specific needs. 

We combine the vloumes from all of our customers and negotiate significant discounts with our world-class carriers and pass this on to our customers. Our carriers do all the pick-ups and deliveries, we provide you the best-in-class customer service. 

Featured Opportunities

Do you want the independance of running your own buisness and acheiving your own dreams? InXpress Franchising represents a low entry cost and low risk business with a strong return on investment. InXpress could be a great investment opportunity for you. InXpress was named Top 50 globall franchise and continues to be a growing global business, with an innovative business model, that provides a residual income 365 days a year that can benefit your Franchisee

  • Low start up cost
  • High residual income potential
  • No inventory required
  • Work from home
  • Global shipping industry
  • World Class Providers

InXpress offers a successful business model with a proven track record of over 12 years of success and experience.

Ready to get on board with the franchise that consistently outperforms in the 9 point test as a successful franchise opportunity? Follow our Six Step Mutual Evaluation Process below to find out what comes next.

STEP 1: Opportunity Analysis
Email us at for an application form and further information.

STEP 2: Confidentiality Agreement
After filling out our confidential profile, we will arrange for you to speak to a development specialist in your area.

STEP 3: Initial Phone Call
Our Franchise Development Specialist will contact you to discuss your goals and answer any questions you might have. We will schedule a webinar with you and your partner to give you a full understanding of the business opportunity with the full details of our system and includes information about sales and profitability. You’ll also receive a copy of our Franchise Non-Disclosure Document (NDD), to sign and return.

STEP 4: Validation Conference Call
On this call, current Team Leaders (franchisees) will talk to you about their experiences within the InXpress franchise system.

STEP 5: Discovery Day & Meet the Team
Discovery Day takes place at our Franchise Service Centre at North Lakes in Brisbane where we’ll introduce you to our General Manager (Glen Mckay) along with our Executive Team from marketing, operations, training, and accounts. You’ll learn more about how InXpress does business and we’ll wrap up the day with any questions you might have.

STEP 6: Award the Franchise
Once the InXpress Franchise Committee has approved you, you will receive your Franchise Agreement awarding you your franchise.

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"Everyday, every business needs to send something, somewhere. Customers are always looking for the most cost effective way to save time and money on their shipping. Regardless of the economy, our InXpress business continues to grow through a web-based solution that’s easy.” - Garry Fryer - Franchisee since 2009

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy