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The Interface Financial Group (IFG)

IFG entered the Australian market with a proven system and a business model based on over 40 years of experience providing short-term working capital funding for SMEs in the form of a unique Invoice Discounting service – a fast and easy way for businesses to turn receivables into cash.

Work where you want and when you want.

Sound too good to be true?

Not with the IFG 50/50 franchise where your daily commuting time to the office should not be more than 5 minutes.

IFG is a ‘one of a kind’ franchise. The organization dates back over 40 years and operates on an international basis. There is no one like IFG in the franchise world!

Work where you like - that’s right, because there is no territory and you can even work internationally in the countries where IFG operates.

Work when you want - that’s right, because you are in charge of the agenda. Part time is easily a possibility as is full time-again it’s your choice. Be engaged only during core business hours – say 10 am to about 3.30 pm. Work only with businesses-always B2B.

Work in a virtually paperless environment-no forms to fill, no time sheets to submit, no monthly reports and so on-they just don’t exist with an IFG 50/50 franchise.

IFG offers an ‘in-demand’ financial services to growing companies through a cash flow acceleration programme.

The incredibly clever structure to the franchise also means that our franchisees never work alone. All transitions are syndicated between franchisee and franchisor to provide franchisees with maximum comfort-remember that as a syndicate member your syndicate partner has over 40 years of successful experience in this business, and it’s your partner that’s handling all of the paperwork, ledgering, account management etc.

When it comes to generating income - IFG has no equal in either dollars or methodology. That’s what 50/50 is all about-doing things together to maximize income and thus empowering franchisees growth.

A completely free leverage system available to all franchisees, with no cost and no obligation, ensures that franchisees’ return is always higher than their capital contribution would normally generate. Check it out-it’s a fascinating approach.

Why us

The Interface Financial Group is an international organisation, established in 1972.

Interface franchisees purchase invoices at a discount, effectively making their client’s transaction a “cash-on-delivery” sale. The client is able to accelerate their cash flow at a modest cost. 

IFG now has over 100 offices operating in Australia, the UK, Republic of Ireland, US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa.

Franchise Owner Profile: IFG franchise owners come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but they all possess the following traits:

  • Excellent communicators
  • Decision makers
  • Problem solvers
  • Relationship builders
  • Self-disciplined
  • Individuals with a strong business background

Training & Support - Extensive training, including 3 initial 2-day training sessions: The first 2-day session is self-directed, working though our Operations Manual. The 2nd 2-day session is at the IFG training centre for full orientation and practical exposure to IFG systems and software. The 3rd 2-day session is a practical marketing period at the franchisee’s location where their contact and referral base is established.

After the 3 initial 2-day training sessions, there is a coaching programme, coupled with a 13-week ‘getting started’ post-training agenda. IFG also offers ongoing training and support throughout the life of the franchise.

Advantages of becoming an IFG 50/50 franchisee:

  • Exceptional training and ongoing support
  • Being a positive force in the economic growth of the local community
  • Being in control of income potential
  • Being a part of an established international organisation
  • Always having the franchisor work alongside you with every transaction
  • Virtually paperless franchise
  • The entry level and capitalization is modest and under the control of the franchisee

IFG Franchisees are networkers, and their best clients come from referral sources such as:

  • Banks
  • Financial Brokers
  • Clients
  • Factors
  • Other non-bank lenders
  • Accountants & other professionals

IFG provides growing businesses with short-term working capital financing through a “use-it-as-you-need-it” single invoice discounting programme.

The Interface invoice discounting programme is designed to be fast and user friendly, incorporating simple and straightforward documentation.

The principal documentation required needs to be completed and executed once, prior to the initial funding transaction.
Once the IFG-client relationship is established and the initial documentation executed, the following steps are needed to complete the funding transaction:

  1. The client delivers its goods and/or services to their customer and issues an invoice for those goods and/or services.
  2. The client offers to sell the invoice to IFG.
  3. The client advises their customer of the IFG funding transaction with a Notification of Sale.
  4. The client’s customer acknowledges to IFG that it owes the account debt obligation to the client and agrees to pay IFG directly.
  5. IFG completes the purchase of the invoice with a payment to the client.

IFG’s Risk Management Programme is one of the key success factors of IFG and its franchisees:

  1. IFG franchisees only buy invoices that are due from customers who are credit-worthy.
  2. IFG franchisees only buy invoices on a 100% “recourse” basis.
  3. Owners of client companies always provide IFG franchisees with their personal guarantee.
  4. The IFG system requires the customer be notified of the transaction.

To fund a client’s request, Interface offers one of the fastest services available. We can often fund transactions in hours rather than days or weeks.
While the above description indicates that a considerable amount of paperwork needs to be completed prior to funding, the good news is that the franchisor and NOT the franchisee is responsible for putting all of the documentation in place. For franchisees, this is a virtually paperless franchise

Below are profiles of two IFG franchisees, Lee Harvison and Lee Landon, explaining why they chose an IFG Franchise.


IFG Business Model attracts Entrepreneurship Graduate

Lee Harvison, IFG Franchisee, Melbourne Australia

What are your formal qualifications?

I hold a BA (Hons) Graphic Design from the University of Humberside in the UK and a Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI) from Swinburne University, Australia.

What was your career before IFG?

I moved from the UK to Australia immediately after graduating. My first job was with Sensis Pty Ltd (the White Pages / Yellow Pages) where I held a number of roles, eventually running large IT projects delivering internal sales & service capabilities. The last of these projects employed 65 full time project resources and cost $20M+ and at the time was the largest IT project at Sensis to be successfully delivered. I built up expertise in Business Transformation via IT & Process change, with a keen interest in business benefit realization and the strategic frameworks for project initiation.
Sensis formed a JV in 2005 with recruitment industry legends Morgan and Banks Investments, and placed me into the new company as General Manager reporting to the CEO. I was responsible for a wide range of activities including HR, Operations, Facility Management and development of strategic alliances and indirect sales channels. At the same time they sponsored me to undertake the MEI at Swinburne.
At the end of this period (11 years in Sensis, of which 3 were in the JV) I took a role as a Program Manager with Satyam Computer Services, an Indian multinational software company, working on the Telstra Transformation Project. After I finished the MEI I worked for 12 months with one of my classmates, the owner of Acceleration Group Pty Ltd, a boutique Marketing / Online Communications consultancy serving Federal and Local Government clients. In late 2009 I started a role at Monash University, the largest university in the Southern Hemisphere, once again responsible for business and IT project strategy and delivery of new IT capability. I started IFG on a part time basis.

Why did you become an IFG franchisee?

During the 3 years in which I was simultaneously studying Entrepreneurship and working in a startup company I realized that I really wanted to own and run my own business one day. The study of lots of entrepreneurs and startups probably made me more aware than most of the huge risks and potential downside of trying to take an idea from its inception and find funding, build a company from the ground up etc. With a young family whom I fully intended to spend lots of time with, I became very interested in the idea of either buying an existing company or the possibilities of franchising, not because I imagined these options mean less work, but rather because I hoped that tried and tested models reduce the potential risk.
One important lesson I learned was to carefully understand the business model and how value is created; having worked in the corporate world and as a consultant I realized that a business whose revenue model is directly tied to the number of hours I put in is a) very hard to scale; and b) obliges me to work as many hours as I possibly can. And like I said, I want to see my kids.
The proposition of IFG means that I can spend time doing things that interest me (learning about clients’ businesses, what makes them tick, and hopefully helping them to become successful), while having my ‘money work for me’, rather than me ‘working for money’. Unlike other franchise models I’ve looked at in the past, the IFG ‘story’ became stronger for me the more I learned about it, and my dealings with the company since have supported this positive experience.

Owning a Franchise is the New Retirement

Former CFO finally finds work-life balance in his post-retirement career

Atlanta, GA - November 29, 2012 - Many Americans used to imagine their retirements as a time of relaxation and leisure. But for more and more Americans, retirement is the time to find a new career. According to the AARP, eight out of 10 boomers want to keep working after retirement.

Lee Landon, of Atlanta, Georgia, is one of them.

“Me? Retire? Of course not! What would I do? I hate being slow,” Landon said.
Drafted into the military during the Vietnam War, Landon was a military policeman in Germany for 2 years before returning to the United States and pursuing an accounting degree and an insurance career. He spent the next 30 years as a CFO for multiple Atlanta-area insurance companies and turned around distressed businesses.

“I was getting more and more frustrated over the short-term nature of what I was doing. I was ready to move on, ready to retire, but not ready to stop working.”
So Landon worked with a business coach to explore the benefits of opening a franchise business. CNN Money compiled a list of the best paying retirement jobs, and ranked franchise ownership at 18 based on market demand, scheduling flexibility, and other preferences expressed by this age group.
All of the concepts he considered were in professional services.

“I wanted to deal with professionals, not the general public. I was used to dealing with sharp, business-savvy people already. That’s a comfortable niche for me,” he said.
In the businesses that he considered was the 40-year old award-winning and established franchise, The Interface Financial Group. Its franchisees provide short-term working capital to other businesses via invoice discounting.

Landon was impressed with their level of professionalism and their proven track record. He opened his The Interface Financial Group franchise in October 2011.
A little more than a year later, Landon’s business is doing well, and he credits his success to following the plan that IFG provides its franchisees.
IFG provides its franchisees with a world-class proven system, a comprehensive risk-management program, thorough training, and a seasoned management team experienced in financial services.

“When you have a high level of confidence in the people guiding you along the path,” Landon said, “and when they are telling you it is what it is, and it works as they said it would, then you start to get more comfortable with it.”

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Landon also appreciates that after an already accomplished career, he is still learning about business.

“If you’re not learning something new,” he said, “you’re not doing something right. I never thought I would be able to work at home. Now I could not imagine working in an office every day. I’m so glad that on rainy days I don’t have to go out. You can work in a pair of jeans and a baseball cap.”

He also thought his wife, Vickie, would help with sales. But when she was given the opportunity to return her focus to her real estate business, Landon realized that he loved the telephone—and in-person—interactions his position required.

“I usually try to go to lunch with people once a week,” Landon said, “That’s how you maintain relationships and build long-term viability.
“You can work as little as you want with IFG. That’s just fine because you have time for your other interests. All I need is a laptop and smart phone. If you want to take a week to go the mountains, you can do it, as long as you have internet access.”

A federally-licensed collector of surplus military rifles and former hot-rod boat assembler, Landon appreciates the flexibility of owning an IFG franchise. Last summer he restored an old Corvette, and now has more time to travel and visit with his grown children and their families.

Landon says, “With business coming from so many expected and unexpected areas, I see IFG as a perfect fit for me”.

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