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Because you already have what it takes!!

Congratulations, you are already a success with all of your industry knowledge; partnered with Independent Property Inspections, your new business model, you are, right now, even more easily on your way to complete financial freedom. And it’s more than that! Now is your best time for you to use all your skills and knowledge even more effortlessly to get more of what you want, smarter, better and faster than you ever dreamed – Right Now

Independent Property Inspectors are ready for you to become a part of the fastest growing and most successful business model in the country. You can operate your business as an extension to your existing business or as a stand alone cash machine. The choice is yours.

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Independent Property Inspections provides you with your best opportunity to include property inspections as a new service to your building business, or you can easily become a full time property inspector and get off the tools altogether through a proven license model.

Our Independent Property Inspectors provide you with many types of services and these services may vary based on your individual skills and experience.

Independent Property Inspectors are not restricted to the residential market and your clients may range from individuals through to body corporates, commercial and public enterprises, property managers and government departments so you can grow your business in as many directions as you can imagine to help recession proof your business.

You must be tied of the rollercoaster ride, living from cheque to cheque, you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be pain free, your time is no longer your own.

When was the last time you had a real holiday like everyone else – You deserve more!!

Independent Property Inspectors provides you with the vehicle to:

  • Work from home – no more cold wet windy dirty work sites
  • Set your own working hours – You can choose when you work and set your own schedule
  • Get paid every day – No more waiting for progress claims, in this business you get paid the same day every day
  • Earn what you are worth – Using your existing skills and knowledge to work a lot smarter, partnering with Independent Property Inspections many of our inspectors regularly earn in excess of $1,000 per day Yes $1,000 per day. PLUS Very little overheads – You already have the vehicle, ladder and mobile phone, you only need a moisture meter, torch and digital camera – That’s all. Earning potential in excess of $120K – this is a conservative estimate only, as you know your income is directly related to the efforts you put in.

Structured business system

Your Licensed business system has proven successful as both a franchise and license model, however the Independent Property Inspectors License model offers much more freedom for you than a franchise  Great Cash flow – Our inspectors all report the increased cash flow as the most significant change to there lives

Broad Customer Base

The ever changing real estate landscape continues to reinvent, expand and broaden your customer base

Multiple Sales Channels

With many stakeholders involved in every property sale both for the vendor and the purchaser again extends and increases your options and sales channels.

Large suite of inspections

Independent Property Inspectors don’t rely on one service, armed with a suite of complimentary services you can maximises every opportunity to increase your sales and profits

Very low entry cost

Your return on investment can be repaid within months compared to many years when considering a franchise model

Room for growth

Unlike a franchise The Independent Property Inspectors License has no territory boundary making it very easy for you to grow as quickly or as large as you desire and giving you full control of your future.

Build a business you can sell

I wonder if you realize all the benefits you’ll get after building a successful business? Everyone would love to have a great cash flow business to sell when you choose to retire – The Independent Property Inspectors License combines very low overheads with a detailed proven business system and very attractive cash flow and room for expansion in an ever increasing market makes this a very attractive business to sell and help secure your retirement. What you must know now about Independent Property Inspections

Our unique holistic philosophy is based on service, support and skill.  I'd love to have a chat to you about it. Limited opportunities are available Australia wide. These opportunities suit building professionals and people with a passion for property looking to diversify their income or build an exciting new career using your existing skills and knowledge.

Professional qualification and /or licensing may be required in some states and territories

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy