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Hire A Hubby

Hire A Hubby is a specialist handyman service that provides property maintenance and project management services to customers in the domestic, property management and commercial market spaces.

Franchisees of the HAH group are practical people who have a passion for DIY, with skills developed throughout their adult life. The HAH franchise offers the franchisee the ability to work close to home in a territory of their choice, and not have to travel from one side of town to the other each day to make their living.

The target market for customers extends from the domestic clients, through to Property Managers and Real Estate Agents, and includes the Commercial Market. Franchisees are encouraged to grow their business using staff and contractors to take full advantage of this underserviced market space.

We are looking for suitably qualified people to invest in our market leading Handyman, Property Maintenance concept. Franchisees will ideally have the following skill and mind set:-

  • Good handyman skills
  • Time management skills
  • Strong Customer Service ethic
  • Enjoy wide variety of daily activities
  • Love for DIY

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Hire A Hubby Story

The Hire A Hubby business was founded in Melbourne, Australia, by a Chef. Back in 1994, he was a father of 4 young children under the age of 10, and looking for something more conducive than late night Chef’s hours to raise his young family. Whilst completing some handyman chores in his own home, a friend of his wife commented on how handy he was, and quipped, “Could I hire your hubby please”?

The name Hire A Hubby has always grabbed media attention, and it was the name alone that attracted the local media in the western suburbs of Melbourne, before the mainstream media of Melbourne and other National outlets began to feature this much needed service throughout their various forms.

In 1996, franchising began in Melbourne and quickly spread to regional centres across Victoria. In 1997, the first Master Franchise was awarded for the New South Wales region, and further Master Franchisees were added in Western Australia and New Zealand.

In the year 2000, NSW Master Franchisee, Brendan Green, agreed to terms with the founder, and took over the Franchisor role, and shortly thereafter established Queensland as a company owned Master Franchise, and acquired the Victorian/Tasmanian Master Franchise as another company owned operation. The sale of South Australia in the same year completed the National growth strategy for the Australian market.

Green now leads a team in Australia that has retained a singular focus for the Handyman/Renovation market, and has created a business model with a “Best Practice” focus. The Franchisor support team in Australia have a combined 50 years experience in the HAH business, and HAH is the market leader, with an estimated 300% lead on it’s closest rival. The company has now expanded into the Northern Hemisphere.

Please take time to review our website for comprehensive details relating to our application criteria and recruitment process.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy