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Henny Penny Hatching is a well-established and well-respected business, which has become a household name in Brisbane. We have recently also become well-established in both New South Wales and Victoria and have set up two franchises in Adelaide. Our core business is delivering chicken hatching programs to schools, child care centres, kindies, aged care facilities and more.

A Henny Penny Hatching franchise consists of a colourful 6 by 4 foot trailer, which contains all of the necessary equipment, and can be easily towed by the family car. In some cases a van can be substituted for the trailer. Each franchisee is provided with a substantial delivery area, giving you the potential to generate a sizeable customer base. As our program is popular and well-received wherever we go, franchisees enjoy a very high re-booking rate from one year to the next.

Henny Penny Hatching deliveries are made on a Monday and collection takes place eleven days later, on a Friday. Franchisees are responsible for delivering, setting up, then collecting the simple, easy-to-manage equipment, and ensuring that their customers receive maximum enjoyment from the program. Full training and continued assistance and support will be provided to ensure that you feel confident on the job and that your business reaches its potential.

This is an ideal franchise for the mum or dad at home, who wishes to work part-time. It also has great appeal for the early retiree. A few hours per week for office-work and preparation, in addition to your delivery and collection times, make it a 2-3 day per week business which has the potential to provide your family with significant extra income. Best of all, your office work can be completed during the hours that suit you best, ensuring that you still have precious time to spend with your children or grandchildren, or in which to pursue other areas of interest.

Henny Penny Hatching is a rewarding occupation which allows you to deliver a proven concept that has been successfully used in many market places.

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Why Henny Penny Hatching?

If you join the Henny Penny Hatching team you will enjoy:

  • Low overheads
  • Access to round-the-clock advice
  • Marketing support
  • A high profit business
  • An excellent cash flow
  • Being part of a team, whilst still having the independence to work your own hours
  • A proven product with vast market potential

What is Required of Me and How do I Go About Becoming a Henny Penny Hatching Franchisee?

We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic franchisees who demonstrate honesty, integrity, drive, initiative, flexibility, good communication skills, a need to achieve and a desire to succeed. No previous experience is required but, as this is a mobile business, you will need to hold a current drivers licence. You will also need to meet the 'working with children requirements' set out by your state.

If this description sounds like you, enquire today! We will then contact you at a convenient time to discuss any further questions you may have. If after this you are still interested in becoming a Henny Penny Hatching franchisee, we will send you further information, chat with you again at a later stage, and eventually initiate the sale process.

You will be given time to consider the information that is presented to you at each step before you progress further with the sale and you will be given a cooling off period before having to commit to the purchase.

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Here is what some of our franchisees have to say about Henny Penny Hatching:

“Henny Penny Hatching is a satisfying and interesting way to make a living. Not only do the children smile when you arrive but also sing chicken songs…what a delight! One preschool teacher stated that their special needs child was so relaxed when the chickens were there, and not only sat with the chickens but also read to them.
Since purchasing a Henny Penny Hatching franchise this year, our business has doubled in size. Our database covers a very wide client base from preschools through to aged care, and we enjoy fantastic repeat business.
Henny Penny Hatching franchisees are very well supported and nothing is a trouble to the franchisors. New franchisees are also well supported by manuals and ongoing development such as training DVDs and there is an established Henny Penny Hatching website which provides information to support the program, teaching resources and an easy to use enquiry system.”

NSW Franchisee

“I have been a Henny Penny Hatching franchisee for almost three years. During this time it has given me the flexibility to be home for my school aged children both before and after school. I love the hours as well as the smiling faces, not just of the children but also of the teachers, carers and aged care residents, when I arrive to deliver programs. I feel welcome and this makes my job very rewarding. My regular customers all know me and I find it such fun and never get bored with being called The Chicken Lady when I arrive.
I also find great joy in seeing sustainability programs in schools and kinders flourishing with Henny Penny Hatching programs being involved, and there are always repeat customers. Sometimes when I arrive at a venue for the second or third year running I find that a chook pen has been built and it is awaiting new Henny Penny Hatching chicks. I highly recommend Henny Penny Hatching as a franchise option, as there is constant support from the franchisor and no question or issue is too hard. We here at Henny Penny Hatching are like a family and I am proud I have joined this team.”

VIC Franchisee

"In the time that I have owned my franchise I have managed to build it so that I earn the equivalent of a moderate full-time income while working part-time hours. I enjoy the freedom of being on the road every Monday and Friday, and being greeted by smiling faces when I make my deliveries."

QLD Franchisee

“I have been a Henny Penny Hatching franchisee now for over 7 years and I have loved every minute of it. The job is rewarding and everyone is always happy to see you on delivery day. The work is varied, easy and fun and the hours flexible, leaving me time to do my own school drop off and pick up, and to attend all the things I need to at my children's schools. The whole Henny Penny family works well together as a team.”

VIC Franchisee

“I like to see the excitement on children’s faces when I take the chickens and eggs to them. I’ve also been told that Aged Care residents who previously had rarely come out of their rooms, came out to see the chickens hatching, which is very rewarding for me to hear. The chicks are also extremely cute!”

SA Franchisee

Henny Penny Hatching is a business that allows me to work around my family and other commitments. The excitement from both children and adults at delivery of the program is very rewarding. I also love hearing the wonderful stories at the end of the program, about how much they enjoyed it and what learning has taken place. Henny Penny Hatching is a very easy business to run, with great support along the way.

QLD Franchisee

Here is what some of our happy customers have to say about Henny Penny Hatching:

"It was fantastic. The kids loved it, the set-up was easily accessible/visible for the class and Linda was a fantastic, caring, helpful facilitator. Our classroom experience in learning about new life and caring for newborn chicks was so valuable. You can't get that from books or YouTube! The students learned lots about care, bonding, compassion, safety and most of all love."  

Edinburgh Adventist Primary, Lilydale VIC

"Thank you for providing our classes with your wonderful hatching program. Every day the children were fortunate enough to witness a chick hatching from its shell. The growth of the chicks was remarkable and having the opportunity to care for animals gave the children confidence and an understanding of animal life. We look forward to next year's experience."

Eagle Junction Primary, Brisbane QLD

"I believe this is a great program which promotes the five learning outcomes of the Early Years Framework."       

Yarra Valley Preschool VIC

"It is such a wonderful experience for the children, and the service is very professional."                                   

Jumping Beans Childcare Centre, Ormiston QLD

"The children love it. It gives them two weeks full of enjoyment."

Helping Hands CCC, Burpengary QLD

"Henny Penny Hatching is very helpful and they provide everything we need. The kids really enjoy watching the little chicks hatch! It is fantastic for them to learn about the lifecycle of a chicken, and how to care for a pet."

Livingstone Christian College, Ormeau QLD

"It is a great experience for children, it is very professional. The Henny Penny Hatching staff are very friendly and supportive and take the time to explain everything clearly. We can call them at any time with any questions or concerns."

Livingstone Christian College, Ormeau QLD

What Henny Penny Hatching are saying

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