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We are creating something unique – a service based family franchise system that is dependable, professional and Masterful.

Who joins our team?
People who are looking to be respected, developed & partnered in business. Owning your own franchise should be the most rewarding pathway a small business person takes. We have decided that the people who join our team and wear our brand proudly have come to us because they want the genuine benefits franchising offers.

So what are these benefits – how will you know and how will we know if we are a good fit?
Well, firstly, we have put together a business model that has been set out to attract and retain the highest calibre individuals in the industry we operate in.

The major benefits to those who join Graffiti Eaters & Stain Eaters are

  • Thorough franchise selection process – we will not offer you a franchise if we feel this opportunity is not right for you.
  • In depth and detailed induction into our industry – into our culture.
  • Full certification and education to deliver the most thorough service a client can receive in our industry.
  • At call experienced existing operators supported by over thirty-five years and two generations of business experience in our sector.
  • Fully built and equipped vehicle using state of the art technology to deliver best in class services in the fields of commercial external surface protection and cleaning alongside the guaranteed best results possible from our Graffiti Eaters technology and solutions range.
  • Experience and ability of the owners and the support team led by the second generation owners.
  • Brand awareness and credibility that comes from having completed work in this field over a number of years and a number of clients.
  • The ability to be taught the latest thinking in business development in your local exclusive marketing territory.


We solve the problems of our clients. It really is that simple.

When we are called out to work, or when you generate work in your territory, we dig deep into our experience bank and come up with a solution that will guarantee the best possible result.


Owning a Graffiti Eaters franchise provides access to a business with multiple services. Within the one franchise the investment provides access to the key services of Graffiti removal and prevention techniques as well as highly regarded stain extraction cleaning and maintenance solutions for all external surfaces.

The fully equipped and in-house custom built vehicle of service underpins the value in this investment complete with the intellectual property that would take a new entrant many decades to learn and perfect.

This is the real and present value of this franchise – the workshop built services delivery vehicle alongside the keys to the vault of knowledge only forty years of experience could otherwise provide someone.

We are the original and leading national brand in our industry.

We do not need our franchisees to be experts in our industry – we can teach that on the business development journey. What we cannot teach is loyalty, motivation, hunger to succeed and a burning passion for delivering unparalleled service.

Registrations of interest to gain an understanding about our model in more detail individuals are invited to click through to our website and follow the links.

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If you are looking for a family business environment, a depth of experience in the field of hard surface protection and maintenance & an avenue to build a genuine business for your family – then that would be “why us”.

We could place many expressive words here to convince you we are for you and you are for us. That is not who we are.

Graffiti Eaters & Stain Eaters are trusted by many of your household names in retail and commercial brands. We are also trusted many times by others in the industry to get the outcome required when someone else may often not be able to see a solution.

We surround ourselves with people who want what we want. To be proud of our work and be paid accordingly.

If you would like to know more – please head to our website and follow the links to get in touch with us.


Graffiti Eaters franchise system has been built with meticulous detail. When we grant a license we know it will be to someone who can deliver to the customers and who we can deliver to.

The process we use to determine who we can partner with as a franchisee is

  • Registration of interest is received.
  • A fully detailed conversation takes place with the interested person.
  • A fully detailed brochure is emailed out.
  • A meeting is set to start the process of match making between the person and Graffiti Eaters.
  • A profiling tool is used to determine what we would need to do in order to meet your needs and what you would need to do in order to meet ours.
  • A meeting is held with the franchisor to see if there is a really solid connection.
  • Time with the family business owners.
  • Time with the operations team to ensure a clear understanding of the work requirements and standards.
  • Financial approval and analysis of the model is completed.
  • Induction scheduling discussed and agreed to – four weeks induction is intensively completed in the head office and surrounds north of Melbourne.
  • The documentation is completed and payments made.
  • Commencement of business.
  • Marketing at a local area level is commenced and continues.
  • Client base commences to be created.
  • Business develops.

We make no apologies for the education process we embark on with our franchisees. We believe it is our responsibility as a franchisor to educate and support our franchise partners. We are interested in a strong network of businesses out in the field building businesses of value for them and their family.
To register your interest please go to our website and follow the links.

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