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Gozleme King

Gözleme King is a premium food retailer offering customers a range of delicious traditional Turkish Gozleme but with a modern twist. Gözleme King has been the preferred Gozleme destination of Sydney siders for over 15 years and due to customer demand we are now growing across Australia.

Gozleme is a Turkish flatbread, made from hand-rolled dough that is filled with natural ingredients and is made to order to achieve a fresh, high quality customer experience.
Customers have a choice of fillings, which include a variety of meats, vegetables, eggs, seasonal herbs and spices. The product range offers customers a fresh to order and nutritious meal option targeted at the growing demand for fast, nutritious and healthy meal options.

Gozleme King is about:

  • Fresh and authentic Turkish flavours with a modern twist .Whilst we have the traditional filling such as Cheese and Spinach , we also offer fillings which include Peri Peri chicken , Veggie Plus , Mexicana , Zaartar and Feta and more
  • Our ingredients are flavour packed but made using only premium Australian ingredients
  • We foster an environment of real teamwork and place great value on all of our customers , staff and franchisees
  • An all day menu, which allows our customers to dine with us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also offer a range of desert Gozleme and traditional Turkish Baklava and Esspresso ( subject to location )

A Gozleme King franchise offers you access to …

  • A fast growing product category which is delivering high quality, natural and highly nutritious products to the massive healthy fast food sector.
  • Gozleme is proven age-old product which allows diverse meal options to accommodate changing food trends. It’s fresh, fast and highly nutritious.
  • We offer a proven business model and established supply chain
  • Our upfront investment is low depending upon the site…from $195K +GST
  • No marketing levy!
  • Full training to make sure you are ready for success


We would be happy to meet with you to discuss further.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy