Good Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero ImageGood Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero ImageGood Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero ImageGood Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero ImageGood Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero ImageGood Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero ImageGood Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero ImageGood Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero ImageGood Bean Espresso Bar - notanotherboring cafe Hero Image

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We are committed to changing people’s perceptions about coffee. It is about making the coffee experience relevant and less about addressing a need for caffeine. We are focussed on turning locals into connoisseurs, fastidious about the quality of coffee they consume and the way it is served. Frankly, we aim to turn the café culture on its head.

Too many franchise opportunities buy you a job, rather than a business – you get the stress and long hours associated with being the boss, but none of the rewards.

We help you build a unique local business that will deliver a great work/life balance and return on investment – and an easy path to retirement when the time comes.

Good Bean Espresso Bar was founded in 2010 by Shane Hepburn.

Built from the ground up with a simple, hands-on approach, by 2011 Good Bean Espresso Bar had won a Mission Australia New Business award, and in 2012 it cracked the Beanhunter list for the top 10 café / espresso bars in Australia.

Over time, more and more people expressed interest in joining the coffee revolution and in the past 12 Months we have spread across 8 locations down the east coast of Australia, all the way down to the coffee mecca itself, Melbourne. Our vision is to break away from the mundane feel of a café, Good Bean should feel like your second home, a brief oasis from your busy day.

Good Bean’s goal is serving the best coffee in Australia – and that’s where you come in. When it comes to our core values, we believe in 3 things:


Sharing these values involves a commitment to ensuring that every cup of coffee exceeds our customers’ expectations.

As a franchise partner, we rely on you to maintain exceptional quality: if a coffee doesn’t meet your standards it doesn’t get served.

We also rely on you to provide welcoming, personalised service: if you want to stand behind a till in a café and shout customers’ names all day then Good Bean is not for you.

Our aim is to create affordable, profitable businesses that offer a great return through an innovative retail concept within the café industry.

At Good Bean Espresso Bar, coffee is more than just a drink - It’s a way of life.

If you love coffee, are passionate about quality and believe you can provide the best service in town, then a Good Bean Espresso Bar is for you… (welcome to the next generation of cafés)

Featured Opportunities

Running your own business is hard work – and running a hospitality business is even harder. (Trust us, we’ve done it a few times).

We’ve built one of the most successful specialty coffee businesses in Australia from the ground up, and as a Good Bean Espresso Bar franchise partner you will benefit from that experience.

Quality Specialty Coffee

Our passion for quality begins at origin, ensuring that we can trace the beans back to the farm where they were grown. Our team of artisan roasters source only the finest coffee (for you coffee geeks, it’s all 80+), roasted to strict specifications, to ensure deliciousness in the cup.

Our team all consists of expert baristas, tooled with the finest quality espresso equipment, who have extensive experience pulling shots in the world’s leading coffee culture hubs.

We also only work with those suppliers who believe in supporting and empowering farmers on the ground via direct trade, and who combine the best picking and processing methods available to ensure the highest quality end product.

We know more and more customers are rejecting faceless corporate cafe brands in favour of a truly local experience. We want our customers to know we share their passion and values, and that by drinking our coffee they are contributing to a sustainable local community.

We know our franchise partners bring a range of skills and experience to the table, and we want them to put these to use delivering on our core values – quality coffee and great customer service!

That’s why we’ve developed simple systems, procedures and training that take the hassle out of setting up and running a hospitality business:

There’s no kitchen to staff or manage.

Point of sale and accounting are all taken care of allowing you to focus on the level of service you are delivering on the ground.

Our innovative approach to marketing combines proven traditional methods with new digital strategies for maximum impact.

As well as providing national benchmarking and high-level business management support, we encourage a collaborative culture where our franchise partners connect with and support one another

We will provide top-class barista training for you and your staff, to ensure you are capable of making the finest cup of coffee before you open the doors. But it doesn’t end there – we’ll provide ongoing training and education so that you and your team are always the best baristas in town.

Let us help you set up your Good Bean Espresso Bar too. You do not need large spaces, only 12-40 square meters, keeping your rent as low as possible.

We help you to design your Good Bean Espresso Bar with our national shop fitting company, but we encourage individuality and let you add your personal touches - whether it’s a vintage couch, op-shop cushions or an ‘80s film print, your store should reflect your team’s unique personality.

At Good Bean Espresso Bar, we’re looking for the right people with the right culture.

This means being passionate about quality – you don’t necessarily need to be a coffee connoisseur, but you do need to appreciate good food and wine and be committed to learning the art of the perfect brew.

Here's the steps on becoming a Good Bean Espresso Bar Franchise partner:

  1. If you like what you have read so far, make an initial inquiry.
  2. We will email a confidentiality agreement, and other information to you.
  3. We will follow up, and answer any further questions.
  4. If you want to go further and we think you have what it takes, we will ask you to submit an application form.
  5. We will review your application, and recommend an interview to discuss the finer details
  6. After the interview we will approve / reject the application.
  7. Once  the application is approved,  contracts are drawn up and submitted for approval to prospective franchisee.
  8. When the Franchisee Agreement is signed and fees are paid, we take you on the journey to opening your new Good Bean Espresso Bar.
  9. A suitable location for your new Good Bean  Espresso Bar  is found, and the lease is secured.
  10. Training Commences.
  11. Your Good Bean Espresso Bar is designed, and set up.
  12. You open your doors and start making the best coffee in Australia!

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