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Sick and tired of answering to a boss who doesn’t appreciate you? Why not take control with your very own fully systemised business in an exciting new industry, ‘Sustainabilty’.
We don't sell, we either give our customers money or save them money making us very unique.
For less than $40k you can own you your very own store ready to roll fully set up in a high traffic flow Tier 1 shopping mall - includes all store fit out, all operational equipment, fully customised IT systems, full training and ongoing support and much more...... all with the comfort of being part of a professional franchise network.

GoldenGreen’s clear objective is enhancing sustainability. We actively promote the practice of being environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible via our numerous green initiatives. We also promote sound financial principals by encouraging regular financial reviews with industry experts that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Our tag line is: GOLD – PHONES – ENERGY – LOANS and we facilitate each sector by:

Purchasing at store:

  • Unwanted gold and precious metals for immediate cash exchange
  • New and used smart phones and tablets for immediate cash exchange
  • We also dispose of zero value phones and tablets for free using an environmentally friendly process any give any proceeds to a Charity

Marketing and generating referrals for our strategies alliance partners for:

  • Quality Solar Systems
  • Energy Efficiency products including LED’s, shower roses & chimney balloons
  • Energy Comparison to source competitive quotes and options 
  • Lending products including personal loans, solar loans, car loans & home loans

Our strategic alliance partners operate nationally, they are accredited in their specialised field of expertise and they are contracted to provide personalised service to GoldenGreen referrals.

Our ethos is to make a difference in the lives of our customers because ‘We care’. This is achieved at a personal level by exchanging cash for unwanted recycling of metals and electronics. Also with reducing power bills by replacing halogen lights with LED’s, by sourcing a more competitive energy supplier or providing energy efficient solar systems.

We also offer the possibility to save thousands of dollars off a mortgage or loan by sourcing a more competitive interest rate or short terms funds to assist in a financial short fall.

The founders of GoldenGreen have over 50 years of combined experience in the recycling of precious metals, extensive experience in financial services and utilise industry experts in the energy sector.

GoldenGreen adopts a very simple process to get started in your new business:

  1. Complete an online enquiry here or at
  2. We will immediately contact you within 2 business days, arrange a phone interview with our franchisee development team
  3. Arrange to meet in person to explain the business in detail
  4. Successful applicants will receive all relevant documentation and schedule training
  5. You could be up and running your own successful GoldenGreen franchisee within 30 days

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy