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FXPlus Hedge Fund Manager's Program

Time to work smarter, not harder & chart a new course for your life with the experts in manual & algorithmic trading…

This opportunity is the first of its kind in the industry and is designed for those who seek a genuine pathway into institutional grade professional trading, utilising the latest algorithmic trade management and execution technology. 

Say farewell to ‘retail trading’, where 90% of traders lose, forever!

Say hello to FXPlus - we are fast becoming the industry leaders in custom built trading technology, specialist education & funds management.  We are regulated in Australia by ASIC as both an educator and also a fully licensed wholesale fund manager and have just opened our massive Live Trader's HUB headquarters (700 square meters) in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

Having been in business since 2008, we are now spreading our wings into an exciting expansion phase and invite ambitious and entrepreneurial minded individuals to be a part of our success by building their own trading business in partnership with us.

We are offering a genuine incremental pathway into the business of trading as your primary income source and to build your personal fortune in the markets, step by step, over a realistic time period.

Our company is made up of industry professionals with decades of market & trading experience, we are definitely not another hyped up: 'trade on your lap-top by the pool, retail trader's daydream'… making fanciful claims about what trading can deliver you.

We have a proven performance record and verifiable CV’s to back our claims.

Our program is built on proper institutional best practice methodologies, our own algorithmic execution technology & access to our trading capital, so that you can build a profitable & sustainable trading business leveraging our infrastructure, support and expertise. 

We are the only trading educator in the industry that is backed by a licensed hedge fund and the same technologies and approaches we use in the fund we will be delivering to our members as part of the Hedge Fund Manager’s course.


The Hedge Fund Manager’s Course offers the following:

  • Full Training regardless of your skill level in our own manual & algorithmic trading systems.
  • Lifetime license to use our hedge fund grade automation software which overcomes the limitations of regular retail trading execution.
  • Ongoing support and access to trade alongside our professional traders at our Live Traders HUB in the Sydney CBD for up to 2 years.
  • Access to Capital to trade on profit share. We will allocate capital on a gradual basis to our traders and increase the funds they manage as they show stability and performance over each month.  It is possible that a trader could be managing a seven figure account after 6-12 months if they show outstanding abilities. 

Unlike other franchises, you will not be 'buying into a job' with large ongoing costs, or one that requires grindingly long hours for months and years to get ahead. 

We offer the opportunity to learn from the best in the business, receive technology and methodologies you will keep for life.  These methods and tools will allowing you to automate much of the day to day execution of your trading in pursuit of a realistic return of 3-5% per month with low risk high probability trading.

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We are an ASIC Regulated Financial Services provider based in the Sydney CBD.

Over 40 full time staff and executive team with more that 50+ years of combined expert trading experience for some of largest financial institutions around the world.

This opportunity was built for those who can see the potential of trading the global markets but haven’t yet begun to benefit from it.  As well as those who have tried trading before but haven’t yet found a pathway into a sustainable, consistent and profitable way to engage the markets day in day out. 

We are disrupting the retail trading market - Why we are different from anything else the industry has seen before, is we are bringing the very same tools, methodologies and trade execution that are used by the big institutional traders, to the retail market. 

Retail trading is not a level playing field, but with this program it now can be.


All approved entrants receive a structured training program delivered over a 6 month period that includes:

  • Face to Face lectures (trading methodologies, algorithmic execution)
  • Live Trading Tutorials alongside experts to ensure you are trading correctly
  • Our proprietary Institutional grade algorithmic platform (lifetime license)
  • 2 years membership to our Live Traders HUB – in the heart of the CBD
  • Individually tailored sessions with a hedge fund manager (manual & algorithmic)
  • 6 in-house built trading methodologies adapted to today’s market conditions
  • Daily access to market reports and actionable trade flow updates from our trading team
  • Access to capital to trade on a monthly profit share


FXPlus will ensure our members are steered away from the traps that most retail traders fall into, through the automation of most of the day to day trade functions that make regular human trading so difficult to sustain long term.  That is, trade position sizing & money management, stop losses, take profits as well as trade entry signals - all of these can be managed by our cutting edge algorithmic platform, meaning there is little to no emotional involvement in your day to day trading and more time spend simply ‘overseeing’ your algorithmic portfolio. 

Once you have grasped the training and software and have a stable trading infrastructure in place, you could realistically be able to spend a few hours a day trading and take back the lifestyle your business efforts should afford you.

What other business opportunity out there offers this level of potential future upside in earning capacity and work-life harmony, for the time and investment required?


Register now for an information pack for more details.

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