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Funky Food Group is one of Australia’s newest and most progressive food and beverage management companies setting new standards in the world of multi-store retailing.

With over 20 years of experience, FFG has brought together a strong team of individuals from every aspect of the industry, whose passion for complete dining experiences is unparalleled.

Modern day dining is now travelling in a new direction. The days of formality, linen cloths and expensive premium bottles of wine are rapidly becoming extinct. Diners are looking for informal dining, rustic home feel food, with a smart approach to fresh new ingredients and a focus on healthy dining.

FFG are a company whose multifaceted skills assist potential retail owners with leasing, project management, business management and a positive move into the market. FFG delivers a premium product with an informal, but professional approach.

Hospitality and customers ideologies on dining continuously evolve. Some trends and phases last longer than others, and the key ability is to identify when and how the market is changing and to stay in sync with this.

Funky Food Group’s philosophy is to work with hospitality professionals looking to develop themselves within the industry and into their own venues.

FFG provide invaluable levels of training in both business and service areas of hospitality. We allow each of our partners’ the flexibility to add their own individual flair in growing and developing their business.

We provide exceptional Training programs and Standard Operating Procedures in order to develop and maintain incredibly high standards.

FFG has a modest vision “If your only focus when building cafes and restaurant’s is to make money, you will be around for a short time. When your focus is to please your customers, you will be around forever”

Be part of Australia’s retail future by joining the Funky Food Group team today.

Are you eager to put your ideas into your own business with the flexibility and support at no cost?

Contact us today for more details about becoming part of our team.

For more information please contact our Business Operations and Franchise Manager

0450 431 561

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy