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Fox Mowing & Gardening is reasonably new on the scene in Australia having launched in late 2012, however we have 25 years experience in the industry and we hope we have brought this experience to Fox.

We already have 23 franchise owners on the road and are receiving well in excess of 800 leads for work every month (average per month for 2014).

We currently have 9 franchise owners in South Australia, 6 in Victoria, 5 in NSW, 2 in the ACT and 1 in QLD.

With Fox you have the opportunity to commence with us on the ground floor and share in the success of the business as it grows.

At Fox we offer:

  • Significant territory sizes, Guidance & Assistance in helping your business reach its full potential.
  • We will only ever be Fox Mowing & Gardening. There will never be a Fox Cleaning, or anything else FOX!
  • Lower overall franchise numbers = more personalised serviced.
  • Fox is new and fresh - The New Name in Mowing & Gardening.
  • An up to date and modern approach to marketing.
  • Low fees.

We also offer a Turnover Guarantee of $1000 per week for your first three months, and $1500 per week for months four thru to six.

Hopefully you agree with us that we have developed an excellent lawn and garden franchise with a heavy emphasis of franchise support.

23 Franchise Owners Across 4 States & 1 Territory 1050 Leads Sent During Sept!

450+ Positive Online Recommendations! 3500+ Facebook Likes!

After spending more than 20 years in the franchised mowing and gardening business we have concluded that this industry in Australia needs a new lease of life.

We have used our knowledge of the market in Australia to create what we believe is the best franchised mowing and gardening business available.

FOX offers you the opportunity to combine your skills with our knowledge and expertise to build a business that will offer you independence, financial reward and flexibility.


Phil & Liz Maunder purchased a Jim’s Mowing franchise in Melbourne in 1989. Phil & Liz were one of the first to purchase a Jim’s Mowing franchise and they moved to Adelaide in late 1990 to become the first ever franchisors in Jim’s Mowing.

Over the next 15 years Phil & Liz built Jim’s Mowing in Adelaide from scratch into a household name where it had in excess of 170 franchisees in 2005 when the business was sold.
Over the following years Phil consulted to the Jim’s Group head office in various roles, including franchisee and franchisor training, mowing division support, and coaching franchisors.

Phil has also consulted to various start up franchise systems.

However, over his last year as a consultant with Jim’s he saw the opportunity to establish and build a new franchised lawnmowing & gardening business in Australia with a focus on exemplary client and franchise owner service. Hence the launch of FOX Mowing & Gardening.


Franchise owners are granted a territory. You can choose the territory you like, however most franchise owners will choose one close to home.

The territory is a base to build your business from but you are not confined to its borders. Initially you will receive work from outside your territory as well, however as time progresses and you build up more and more regular clients within your territory your round will become more compact and you will travel less and less.

The Franchisor will invest at least $5000 from every franchise sale into an initial marketing campaign. This will enable FOX franchise owners to quickly build their business and regular client base. Therefore from your first day you will receive new leads from FOX, and if needed you will be supported with a Turnover Guarantee.


The Turnover Guarantee is simple. For the 12 weeks of your business your turnover guarantee is a minimum of $1000 pw, for weeks 13 thru to 24 your turnover guarantee is a minimum of $1500 pw.

If your turnover doesn’t meet this guaranteed amount then we will pay you the difference.

Conditions to qualify for this turnover guarantee are also simple. You need to be able to take on new work Monday thru to Saturday, you have to accept all work within a 25km radius from your territory and convert at least 80% of the leads you receive from FOX.


Franchisors support franchisees. They:

  • Arrange your initial personlaised training
  • Conduct ongoing in the filed training and business reviews
  • Organise regular franchise owner meetings, including professional development and networking
  • Organise the group advertising, marketing and social media initiatives
  • Provide on-call franchise, business and technical support
  • Manage the incoming calls and contacts from clients and allocate work leads
  • Manage customer service


Franchise owners are responsible for:

  • Responding to and making the most of every lead and generating local business
  • Network with other FOX franchise owners, local suppliers and service providers
  • Manage your own schedule
  • Invoice and receive payments from your own clients
  • Actively participate in franchise owner meetings and ongoing personalised training provided by the franchisor.


One of key benefits of being a FOX franchise owner is that when you commence, your territory size will be significant.

Over time this enables you to build a significant client base, and will allow you to either sell off parts of your territory or take on employees and add another trailer (or multiple trailers to your business).

This will allow a FOX franchise owner to receive excellent capital gains, build your business almost without limit, or both.


A limited number of founding FOX Mowing & Gardening franchises are now available. These opportunities will suit people who share our commitment to build FOX Mowing & Gardening into the best franchised mowing & gardening business in Australia.

If you are:

  • Highly motivated
  • Committed to offering excellent and responsive customer service
  • Willing to participate in a fun and supportive environment
  • Respectful and able to get on well with others

Then we want to hear from you!

Your next step is to arrange a confidential interview. Please contact us to arrange your State Franchisor to arrange a suitable time.

During the interview you will be given a draft copy of our Franchise Agreement along with a Disclosure Document.

You can pursue the draft agreement at your leisure and ask us any questions.

Once you have decided to proceed, we will work out a suitable territory with you and prepare your personalised Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Agreement.

We will confirm your training dates and a start date with you, as well as organising your trailer and equipment so everything is ready for you on your start date.

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How does FOX find its work?

From each franchise sale we invest $5000 into advertising. This initial advertising is intended to build the client base for each franchise owner.

Our main areas of advertising will be website advertising, optimisation. Once we can cover all suburbs within a city we will also use TV. We have built a brand from scratch before, and we are sure we can achieve similar results for FOX.

Is the mowing market saturated?

The short answer is no. The majority of households still mow their own lawns so there still remains tremendous growth in the market. Furthermore the level of customer service at FOX will be second to none as well as being very personal, therefore we feel we will also win many clients from our opposition. There is also every indication that the market will grow significantly over the coming decade.

Can I do my own Advertising?

Yes, you can self market and advertise in your own territory and in area area not owned by another FOX franchise owner. You can even use your own phone number, contact details if you choose. Our trailers are our shop fronts, and most of our franchise owners pick up a lot of work from neighbours, people in the same street etc. We are also reliant on our franchise owners to up sell to their clients (fertilising, pruning, gutter cleaning etc).

How much can I earn?

Your commitment and effort will directly relate to your earning capacity, therefore earnings will very between franchise owners. The FOX franchise system is flexible in relation to how much time and energy you want to invest into your business, and this will generally determine your earning capacity.
However our turnover guarantee is (at least) $1000 pw for the first 12 weeks, and $1500 pw for weeks 13 thru to 24. Therefore we expect FOX franchise owners to be turning over at least $1500 pw from week 25 onwards.

Each founding FOX franchise owner will have a territory size of at least 10,000 households therefore the potential for earnings should be considerable.

You have the capacity to charge and set your own service prices. We will provide you with an recommended price guide but you can vary theses prices.

Can I take time off?

You are your own boss, so you can set your own hours and decide when you want days off. One of the benefits of the mowing & gardening business is that it is seasonal therefore it is easy to take time off during the slower times of the year. If you need or want to take lengthy holidays we will ask a neighboring FOX franchise owner(s) to look after your regular clients while you are away.

A lot of franchise owners tack an extra day onto 4 or 5 long weekends, thus achieving a good deal of time off without upsetting their work schedules too much.

Will my investment increase in value?

As time progresses we certainly expect FOX franchises to grow in value. We also expect a good majority of FOX franchise owners to sell off parts of their territory to new franchise owners, therefore providing excellent capital gains.

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