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Flower Power Professional Garden Care commenced operations 12 years ago. The concept of a professional gardening service was born out of a necessity to service the countless enquiries generated from our chain of Garden Centres across Sydney. The Flower Power Professional Garden Care system provides a secure entry into the professional garden care industry. Franchisees enjoy the unique position of being backed by a strong retail brand. Today Flower Power Professional Garden Care has 39 franchises in operation with many more opportunities available across the Sydney metropolitan area.

Flower Power founder Nick Sammut migrated to Sydney from Malta at the age of 18 in 1955, already married, broke and with a baby on the way. Nick was optimistic, firmly believing Australia to be a land of opportunity. Nick and Betty spent their first two years in Australia living in a chicken shed. In his spare time Nick began building cement pots in his backyard – teaching his children the craft from a very young age.

Nick’s best customer was ‘Lusty’s’ Nursery at Moorebank. Nick spent a lot of time at the Nursery and he began to get a feel for the business. George Lusty grew fond of Nick, admiring his work and business ethics. When Mr Lusty was in his seventies he fell ill, and Mrs Lusty offered Nick the business for a sum of 200 pounds.

Today the Flower Power Group is Australia’s largest privately owned Garden Centre Business. Flower Power enjoys the unique position of growing approximately 80% of the plants sold though the group. These plants are grown at Arborglen, Flower Power’s production nursery, situated at Glenorie in Sydney’s northwest. The production nursery is the largest and most sophisticated of its kind in Australia. The group imports the majority of its own “hardgoods” through the Glenhaven Wholesale operation.

The combination of Arborglen and Glenhaven Wholesale enables Flower Power to supply product to its retail customers at low prices all year round. Now with 10 outstanding retail outlets, 350,000 plus Garden Lover’s Club members and 25,000 customers to their stores each week, Flower Power presents a major brand to Sydney garden lovers.

Featured Opportunities

Customers who recognize the quality of service that Flower Power deliver are now taking advantage of Flower Power Professional Garden Care. Our Franchisees support Flower Power and their customers by providing a high quality, professional garden maintenance service that extends to both domestic and commercial properties. Our brand constantly attracts client’s who want more than just mowing. They ask for scheduled garden maintenance, makeovers, hedging, pruning, planting and irrigation - a complete service. Flower Power Professional Garden Care franchisees deliver a complete gardening service to clients.

Flower Power prides itself on the relationships with their Franchisees. Flower Power is constantly seeking ways to improve the operation and the returns to Garden Care Franchises. Above all we believe that our promises are real and stand by them. Our Franchisees are well positioned when they commence operation because;

  • We have a quality training program and on-going field support through qualified horticulturists.
  • We are the only gardening franchise system backed by a well recognised retail brand.
  • We offer large territories with ample room for you to grow your business.
  • We offer a genuine 8 week income guarantee period on commencement enabling our Franchisees to focus on building their business in a positive, measured manner.

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The following testimonials are indicative of why our Franchisees are successful and why you should consider a Flower Power Professional Garden Care Franchise.


"Flower Power nursery and landscape staff at Enfield and Glenhaven have given me great support with client leads, preferential delivery in respect to bulk goods, and prompt supply of plants."
"On many occasions people have commented on the professional image projected by the Flower Power branded trailer and uniform."

Stuart Morrison - FPPGC Franchisee Baulkham Hills

I have been with FPPGC for 2yrs. I have found that if you are prepared to put in the hard work in the end results will be satisfying. Key positives from my perspective have been the technical support, varied work, flexible hours, strong branding, preferential service and pricing from the FP stores and the potential for business growth."

Huss Mazloum – FPPGC Franchisee Sylvania

"I bought my franchise 3 years ago and have never looked back. I feel I have learnt so much about this industry with the help and guidance from the Flower Power franchise team. They help me when I need it and have helped get me going in a direction that I really want to go. This franchise has given me an excellent platform to build upon. I wish I had of done it sooner."

Glenn Daley– FPPGC Franchisee Greystanes

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