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Fling Wholefoods Bars are set to be one of Australia’s fastest growing food brands offering delicious, convenient and healthy “Grab N’ Go” wholefood meals.

The Fling brand was born in 2011 as Dan and Flavia introduced their fresh juice concept to the thirsty crowds at Gold Coast Farmers Markets. Realising very quickly that demand for genuine, healthy food “on the go” is rapidly increasing, the Fling brand has evolved to deliver a comprehensive menu of nutritious and convenient wholefood products. Health conscious crowds trust the brand to deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in-between without unhealthy additives, preservatives or any hidden nasties!

Fling Wholefoods Bars prepare fresh meals and snacks on-site and deliciously present all in a simple, fast Grab N’ Go format.

As the world gets busier, we all have less and less time to spend cooking and meal prepping at home. Having a reliable and fast health food option “on the go” is invaluable to a growing market. That’s the key to the brands success to date. That’s what we do! We make being healthy easier.

We are now looking for new Wholefoods Champions to join the team. We are looking for people to help us grow the Fling brand and share in our business of positive and healthy outcomes. We believe in the success of good people, good products and good profits all working together.

Why us

Fling is a trusted, emerging brand, founded on principles of conscious and pragmatic growth.

The foundation of the brand’s success to date has been an unwavering commitment to long term commercial success through delivery of creative, honest and excellent products. As a founding member of Wholefoods Group Australia, our uncompromising approach to product quality and nutritional value sets us apart from the crowd of food outlets with “healthy options”. 

Every Fling product has been developed prioritising nutritional value. Every recipe crafted to deliver maximum health benefits through delicious and convenient products. As a result, the Fling product range and food prep systems will help you run your business with the confidence of a compassionate and food savvy business owner.

  • You will be selling your products with total confidence that every ingredient is included for nutritional and health benefits rather than simply filling a package.
  • You will be selling your products with total confidence that every customer will be healthier and happier having visited your store.
  • Your role as a health food warrior will be made easy with real, genuine healthy products.
  • Your hard work and commitment to the brand and your business will have the full support of the Fling network and corporate team. We will help you to be as successful as you can be!
  • You will have access to comprehensive training facilities and materials to ensure you understand every aspect of the brand, the products and the offer.
  • You will be part of a national marketing network pragmatically focused on targeted strategies including social and other local media channels.
  • You will feel welcome amongst our growing team of hard working franchisees.
  • You will be part of an exciting, emerging brand with long term priorities.

We all work together, that’s how it works.

We are looking for people who want to join a team - join a team of hard working, passionate business owners committed to making a success of their business and each other’s. We all share common purpose and goals and benefit from each other work.

How to become a Fling Franchisee:

  1. Submit an enquiry via the SEEK Business form.
  2. We will email you an information pack and initial documents to sign.
  3. We will meet with you to discuss the specific opportunity that interests you.
  4. You will be sent a Franchisee Application to complete.
  5. When your application is approved, we will send you Disclosure Documentation to review and sign.
  6. We will hold a Franchise Interview with you for final assessment. If approved, you will sign your franchise agreement and be ready for training to open your new store.

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