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The Famous Fish beginnings trace back to 1958 when Steve Costi’s dad started selling delicious, great value seafood to everyday Australian Families.

Steve continued the family tradition by operating the Costi retail stores in the seafood industry from the early 80’s following the same business model and format that his dad established for much of this time.

Over time he saw the opportunity for the traditional fresh seafood stores to start incorporating a cooked element into their business.

The simple concept of synergy then saw Steve successfully integrate the two to create some outstanding stores that have become somewhat of an institution in their own right. Having mastered the cooked element, Steve then took the idea one step further and created the Modern Fish and Chip store, and so Steve Costi’s Famous Fish was born.

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QUALITY, SERVICE & VARIETY have been the cornerstones of Steve Costi's growth and success. 

"I absolutely love this business. I never tire of looking at the freshest seafood, talking to fisherman and passing on my enthusiasm for great seafood to anyone who cares to listen" says founder Steve Costi.

"At the end of the day, I have to feel confident that the fish & seafood I ask my customers to buy, is the same product I would be happy to take home and serve to my family".

Why Seafood? - Seafood consumption in Australia has increased by 27% per capita since 1997

  • Seafood is increasingly being represented as the appropriate “fast food” by governments, health agencies and consumers alike
  • Of the 30,000+ take-away venues, generating in excess of $7 billion in retail sales, there are no multi unit, integrated seafood operations
  • Seafood remains the #1 take-away food item sold by independent take-aways in Australia
  • Consumption of seafood by Australians under 20 increases at double the rate of meat and dairy, annually

Steve Costi's Famous Fish— A Branded Seafood Diner. Our successful stores have served great seafood for years, keeping people coming back for more. The increased focus on health and wellness and the nutritional qualities of seafood make this the perfect time to launch your next ventiure with a Steve Costi's Famous Fish business.

  • Serving authentic, original and accessible seafood
  • Clean, sharp, funky, value for money and fun
  • Guaranteed quality and consistency throughout
  • Product and process driven – delivering an efficient, manageable business
  • Potential for multi layered retail opportunities
  • Appealing to adults and children alike
  • Our research shows that there is a niche available for a quality seafood based QSR and Take Away option

Interested in finding out more about Steve Costi's Famous Fish?

While you may have researched a number of franchise opportunities, it's unlikely you’ll find one with as much opportunity as Steve Costi's Famous Fish. To find out more you can visit our website at www.famousfish.com.au. Alternatively you can arrange a no-obligation introductory meeting, please email us at franchising@famousfish.com.auor contact us on 03 5976 3232.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy