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Perhaps you have reached a decision to make a fresh start in an exciting and lucrative business destined to grow quickly and with stability. Partnering with our successful group as a franchisee may be the first step towards achieving personal and business success along with fellow franchisees representing a reputable brand. Explore with us the option of becoming part of such an opportunity ... the EzyAccounts franchise network.


We are committed to the success of our franchise network across Australia and New Zealand, offering a valuable, high growth and secure franchise business opportunity providing exceptional client services and unprecedented support.


Our franchisees are skilled and experienced business people with backgrounds in accounting and finance. They seek to partner their skills and experience with our organization to help them achieve optimum business results.


Franchisees deliver business services such as bookkeeping, management accounting, and business analysis and advise relative to their knowledge and experience to a client base of small- medium sized businesses.


A lucrative income is secured by franchisees through the provision of client services. Repetitive, passive revenue is assured for successful franchisees capable of establishing long-term business relationships with clients and staff.

Target Market

EzyAccounts provides complete bookkeeping and management accounting solutions to clients with turnovers between $500,000 and $10,000,000 per annum. From time to time, smaller and larger clients are acquired, but they typically receive different levels of service.

Sales & Marketing

Whilst most other groups only offer "marketing support" we actually do the business development for you.

Everything from generation of initial enquiries, development of client proposals, negotiations and even closing is done for you by our seasoned and highly skilled business development team. We are so confident in our ability to acquire clients for our franchisees that we cover all of the client acquisition costs on their behalf.

Featured Opportunities


  • Speed through the start up phase of your business with the backing of our proven and elite business development professionals.
  • Remove the stress from administering your business, with access to our complete suite of business management and administration applications.
  • Maintain business success and profitability into the future with proven operational procedures and professional coaching from executives that have already built successful businesses for a whole network of franchisees.
  • Staff recruitment and management support as you expand your business, making yourself head of your own team.
  • Leverage from a national network of Professionals giving you access to a wide range of resources and services that would otherwise not be available.
  • Implement your strengths, not your weaknesses within your business to secure your successful future.
  • Build a business with substantial capital value and passive income. Not just a self-employed salary!
  • Should you ever choose to cash out and sell your business, feel confident knowing we will source a buyer and facilitate a sale, delivering to you a high capital gain.

What next?

We want you to be comfortable with your decision to become our next franchisee. We are serious about partnering with business people in whom we can invest our proven business expertise, unblemished reputation and brand awareness. Join us as a franchisee and begin your journey to success.

1. We contact you for a brief telephone discussion to determine our mutual suitability. Our brochure, NDA and application form are then emailed to you.

2. Your completed application form is reviewed to determine your qualifications, suitability and eligibility to join our network. Assuming the application is approved, you are eligible to advance to the next stage of becoming an EzyAccounts franchisee.

3. A confidential company franchise package is emailed to you, this includes...

  • Financial modeling spreadsheet
  • Detailed Long Disclosure document
  • Franchising Code Of Conduct and amendments
  • Franchisor Audit documents

4. You are invited to complete our online personality 
evaluation and skills test.

5. Upon successful completion of these evaluations you’ll 
be put in touch with current franchisees so that you gain a thorough understanding of the day-to-day workings of the business prior to joining.

6. Congratulations! We are ready to establish your new business as an EzyAccounts franchisee. Read and sign our Franchise Agreement prepared for you and mail it with your franchise investment payment.

7. To fast track the business start-up process, you receive professional instruction and coaching with our comprehensive training program. You are now “In business for yourself...not by yourself.”

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Prior to joining EzyAccounts, I spent a lot of time conducting due diligence on many different bookkeeping and accounting franchise systems; along with considering going into business independently. I am very happy with the decision I made to join the EzyAccounts network. The business opportunity is unique to the Australian market place and one that I place tremendous value on.


As an accountant, my skills and confidence lay in providing client services. Where I lack confidence is in business development. The EzyAccounts system takes care of this for me!


The EzyAccounts management team has a wealth of knowledge in managing and developing professional service firms. Joining the network not only alleviates all my apprehensions with the business development, but also provides me with the ongoing coaching and support I need to optimize my business and service my clients receive.


I am very excited about the future! Working with the team at head office I have been able to build a very good business and continue to develop in line with my own objectives.


If you are a skilled service provider, looking for the right opportunity, I would definitely recommend going with this group.


Randeep Rai, EzyAccounts Franchisee

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