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Like many successful companies such as Google, Disney, Hewlett Packard, and Apple, Experimac was started out of a garage. Jim Muir, the founder of the company, wanted to offer customers top of the line electronics equipment such as Apple products, but at an affordable rate. Jim began purchasing used electronics equipment such as computers, cell phones & tablets to buy, repair and sell. The concept was so successful that Jim was quickly able to open a retail location.

After enjoying several years of success at the West Palm Beach Experimac location, Jim Muir decided to expand and begin offering others the opportunity to own Experimac locations by franchising. Muir teamed up with Ray Titus, the founder and CEO of the franchising conglomerate United Franchise Group in February 2015. Muir and Titus knew one another on a personal level from church and their children’s school, so Titus felt comfortable investing in Muir’s innovative idea. Titus said “This is an incredible opportunity that I feel United Franchise Group can take Worldwide.”

The first Experimac location began earning over one million dollars annually by the end of 2012. In 2013, the store grossed over $1.8 million. There are currently several franchise locations in Florida and Georgia, as well as a few other states. While new franchise owners should not expect to replicate the success of the first store right away, the Experimac concept can help franchise owners to realize higher profits more quickly than most other franchise concepts.

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Experimac is a one-of-a-kind concept. No one else specialises in selling pre-owned Apple ® products, selling accessories, making repairs, taking trade-ins, and selling software and system updates.The products and services that Experimac offers are in high demand and can all be found in one place at Experimac stores. New Experimac franchisees have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with this innovative concept, selecting the best areas available and gaining local trust before others come on the scene.

Financially Rewarding

For entrepreneurs that wish to invest in a franchise concept but don’t know where to turn, Experimac is a wise solution. Experimac offers customers technology expertise and equipment that has some of the highest resale values in the industry, so franchisees can expect to see more business and to profit faster than other franchisees. Most customers that visit Experimac locations are there to buy products or pay for services, so the close rate is exceptionally high.

Good Quality of Life

Experimac offers franchisees and franchise location employees a better quality of life than many other types of franchises. Locations are closed on Sundays and holidays and adhere to comfortable business hours. There is no heavy equipment to lift and no extreme conditions to work in. Most employees love working in the technology industry and most customers are delighted with the products and services that Experimac locations offer, so the atmosphere of Experimac locations is fun and upbeat.

Support of United Franchise Group

The United Franchise Group has been in business for over 30 years, helping franchisees across many different industries to become successful. The United Franchise Group lends Experimac franchisees business expertise and a winning formula for both start-up and continued operations. The United Franchise Group also has a 3,000 square metre warehouse which holds used electronics that can be purchased by franchisees if franchisees cannot find enough stock for their retail locations.

Extensive Training and Support

Experimac franchisees don’t have to be tech industry experts, as franchisees receive extensive training and support. Franchisees attend a two week training course in West Palm Beach, Florida, during which time Experimac support teams begin to set up the new franchise location. Upon completion of the training course, franchisees travel to the new location to begin operations and receive on-the-job training. Experimac support teams help franchisees hire employees, set up for success, and begin operations while providing advice and guidance.

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Opportunities available nationally. Great support & International training. Sydney - Regional NSW - Melbourne - Regional Victoria - Regional QLD - ACT

Fully Promoted

EmbroidMe has undergone a brand evolution and is now known as FULLY PROMOTED. We have expanded the franchise system, branding, service offerings, and more.

Transworld Business Advisors

United Franchise Group already have over 100 TBA franchises worldwide. Expanding into the Australian market and continue the success.

A Booming Industry

Experimac operates within the technology field in a sector with the potential to grow exponentially. In 2014, about 302 million computers were sold worldwide, generating about $304 billion in sales revenue. Nearly 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions were purchased worldwide by May of 2014, nearly one for every person on the planet. With that type of consumer base, Experimac’s products and services nearly sell themselves.\\

Benefits of Offering Used Products

Experimac specialises in selling used products, particularly used Apple products. The benefit of offering used products is that the products can be sold at a price point that is accessible to a much wider range of customers. When customers enter stores that sell new computers, Smartphones, and tech equipment, only one out of every hundred or so people actually purchase something because of the high price point. The close rate at Experimac stores is much higher, as most customers are there to buy.

Why the Apple Products Focus?

Apple products retain their value much better than most other brands. Apple customers are often pleased with the products that they purchase, so they remain loyal to the brand-though they are not always able to afford brand new Apple products. Experimac offers customers a unique middle ground in which they are able to remain loyal to the Apple brand, stay current with operating systems and updates, yet pay a fraction of the price that they might pay at a shopping centre or a competitor’s store.

Market for Repair Services

The market for repair services for Smartphones, tablets, and computers is huge and is only growing. Americans had spent roughly $23.5 billion repairing iPhone screens as of September 2014 and about one quarter of iPhone users had cracked their screen at one time or another. Another 15 percent were using a cracked iPhone at the time of the study. When an Experimac store is opened, a convenient location to receive a needed service is introduced into the area.

Personalised Service

Experimac differentiates itself from its mall and big box competitors by offering customers personal consultations. A commitment to developing long-lasting relationships with customers is woven into the fabric of the Experimac business model. As a result of Experimac’s concentration on high quality customer service, many customers become repeat customers, looking to Experimac whenever a new tech product or service is needed. Experimac customers are also highly likely to recommend the store to friends and family members, helping to drive increased revenues to stores.

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It is important to ask a lot of questions before deciding to open a franchise in the technology field. We hope to make it as simple as possible for you to find the answers to those questions, as we know that your time is important. The following are frequently asked questions about franchising and the Experimac concept.

What makes the Experimac concept special?
• Experimac is different than other electronics retailers because the stores buy, sell, and trade used equipment that is of high quality. This allows customers to acquire high performance computers, tablets, Smartphones, and accessories at a fraction of the cost that these items retail for at other stores. Experimac also offers repairs, upgrades, and customer consultations, so customers can satisfy all of their tech needs in one place.

How much will it cost to open an Experimac location?
• Experimac franchisees must pay a $64,500 franchise fee should expect to spend about $190,000 to $200,000 to get the store up and running.

Are there options to receive assistance with financing?
• Experimac offers financing options for franchisees that qualify. Experimac also helps franchisees by providing advice about securing funding and third party financing if necessary to start the business. Franchisees must be able to pay the initial franchising fee and show the required amount of liquid capital, however.

How much money can I expect to make running an Experimac franchise?
• Franchises in the technology field generally make a lot more money than franchises in other fields, due to the high demand for tech products and service and the profit margin per sale.

Do I have to have technical expertise to get started?
• Experimac franchisees don’t have to have experience in the tech industry, but they are better off if they have business experience. Experimac provides extensive training to ensure that franchisees are knowledgeable about the industry. Experimac also provides hiring support, as the employees will handle most of the day-to-day technical needs for the business.

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