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Established in 1992, Expense Reduction Analysts is the world’s most successful franchised network of cost management specialists. We’re successful because we focus on doing one thing extremely well: we help organisations save money and find extra profit quickly by reducing their everyday business expenditure without affecting quality or service.

More than 700 Associates in over 26 countries around the globe are already part of our network and have carried out more than 18,000 successful projects since 1992. Our business opportunity appeals to qualified professionals that wish to become fully-trained cost management consultants with the ability to win new accounts and deliver valuable savings to their clients.

As an entrepreneurial Franchise owner, you have the potential to earn what you are really worth with the flexibility of your own consulting business.

All of our consultants are professionally trained and enjoy the benefits of an expansive international network with access to a world of support. At the same time they have the unique opportunity to form joint-ventures with other Associates around the country to maximise the depth and breadth of their business.

Expense Reduction Analysts is the vehicle for experienced and highly-skilled business developers, client managers and business specialists to start their own consultancies which are underpinned by more than 20 years of success in Australia with an outstanding reputation.

Join us and punch above your weight!

Why us

Clients want to engage us because we provide a risk-free service that unlocks extra cash flow from their suppliers which they can invest in other areas of their business. This is particularly helpful in the current economic climate where cash is tight, profits are being squeezed and operating costs continue to rise.

Expense Reduction Analysts’ business offer is so compelling, clients find it hard to refuse:
- Our risk-free service is completely self-funding as we work on a no win, no fee basis.
- If we can’t reduce business expenditure in the areas we target, the client doesn’t pay.
- We reduce costs without affecting quality or service.
- The client doesn’t need to allocate resources to help us do our work.
- Our no-risk proposition means clients don’t need a pre-allocated budget to work with us.

Step 1: Do your homework - figure out by doing a bit of research to make sure that we are a good fit
Step 2: Reach out to us - for more information and clarifications
Step 3: Have a chat with our Franchise Development Manager
Step 4: We meet face to face and make a decision

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