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Almost 20 years ago, Drug-Safe Australia (DSA) was born out of a tragic personal loss through drugs which subsequently led to the realization that very few community leaders and business owners understood the consequences of "turning a blind eye" to one of Australia's greatest social challenges.

Drug-Safe Australia grew to become the dominant private alcohol & other drug (AOD) screening services within business communities and now, DSA has launched the first uniquely Australian based franchise opportunity to address the ever growing alcohol and other drug issues, but at community level, and supporting our Australian values.

We have successfully created the Drug-Safe Communities Certification in the same way large multi-national companies succeeded in creating Drug-Safe Workplaces. Our unique Drug-Safe program for workplaces, workforce, sporting organisations and other groups delivers practical solutions that have proven themselves over almost 20 years.

More than a job, more than a career, a drug-safe franchise is an intelligent business decision,

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When you choose to become a Drug-Safe Communities business owner you are joining a team of professionals who have a heritage of successful business and management experience.

We have all been hands-on and understand how to create an asset that will grow through your own efforts but with the support of the best professionals in the industry.

How do we know that? Well, we started the business when the Sydney Olympics happened and built upon the "Best Games Ever" sentiment to build the best business team ever. We're dedicated and totally focused upon every franchisee's success.

Not only that, but what a great legacy you will be building and passing on to our future Australians. Hers's a few more reasons for you to consider.

  • We started the industry in Australia and literally wrote the "how to" book
  • We were the first AOD business to introduce mobile cinics.
  • We were the first Australian Field service operator to be accredited by NATA
  • We have a client base that's across Australia and through the South Pacific.
  • We are the only AOD provider who professionally consults with and delivers a complete solution Drug-Safe program (this is unique to our Drug-Safe Communities business)
  • We're very proud of what we do, and so will you.

In great teams there needs to be a careful selection of suitable candidates who not only meet the normal criteria but have core desire to deliver a solution to their particular area of responsibility.

The very nature of the business in which you are considering requires...

  • A steady personality, that suits the sometimes demanding role of Field Operative.
  • A willingness to become an important member of an extraordinary team and participate on a regular basis both face to face and on-line.
  • Have a clear police record, credit record and "working with children" clearance.

If you wish to progress your application to the next stage, we've endeavored to make the steps as simple and as easy as we possibly could. So the steps are....

  1. Thoroughly read through the information document
  2. Complete the enquiry form and Confidentiality agreement and email both to apply@drugsafe.com.au
  3. We will acknowledge receipt by email and our recruiting team manager will contact you for a brief chat. This is followed with a more formal interview at a time to be scheduled. References and security checks are conducted.
  4. We'd like to meet you at this point and will schedule a face to face meeting with senior management. This is a good time for you to ask any questions you may have.
  5. Our Founder/Managing Director insists on meeting every Drug-Safe Community business owner and will review the meeting report and plan a separate meeting to introduce himself and review the recruitment notes. If everything is OK you will be offered a role in our team within your selected territory.
  6. Legal documents and agreements are drawn up by Minter Ellison (our legal consultants)
  7. A deposit will be required at this time which will be held in trust by Minter Ellison.
  8. Our Operation's Manager and team will be working with you to source and prepare a suitable mobile clinic.
  9. Once contracts are signed and all payments made you will be welcomed into the Drug-Safe Communities team.
  10. Accredited ASQA training and territory management, process and procedure training commences. Financial and business management, plus territory planning and reporting workshops begin.
  11. Your PR and promotional program commences as you assume ownership of your exclusive Drug-Safe Community territory.
  12. "Welcome to your drug-Safe Communities business"

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy