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Our Philiosophy

Donut King has been serving the now World Famous DK Cinnamon Donut for over 30 years, and is now much, much more than simply the World’s most delicious donuts. Since 1981, we’ve been growing steadily – we currently have over 325 stores, internationally and in every Australian state and territory - and we’re still growing.

We've grown up with you

For most Aussies, at least once in our lives, a trip to Donut King was a reward for giving your Mum and Dad a break and not causing too much chaos during their shopping trip. The Donut King store stood out in the food court, like a giant pink beacon that kids just couldn't resist. The brightly coloured iced donuts, the squishy, creamy delights of the cream and jam donuts, experiencing the magic of the warm cinnamon donuts being created, bouncing along that mini conveyor belt and landing in a delicious carousel of cinnamon and sugar, to be eaten fresh and hot. We've all been there and millions of Aussies have grown up sharing this experience, it’s a place for the young and the young at heart.

Our tastes have evolved too

Since the beginning, almost 3 decades ago, we’d like to think that Donut King has grown up. Tastes change over time and our tastes have changed too. We still love the old favourites, but we’ve also introduced some changes for the better. Your local DK now stocks a wider range of snack options, including healthy smoothies and low fat ice cream and milkshakes. You’ll also find Fruit Freezes and some of the best tasting coffees around. If you’re looking for something more substantial, you can’t go past our gourmet range of hot dogs or our newest addition to the royal family, our Warm Mini Jam Balls, fresh out of our donut making robot!

Is Donut King the right business for me?

If you are wondering whether you are the right type of person to become a Donut King franchisee, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I have good people skills?
  2. Do I really want to take control of my destiny?
  3. Do I have a strong desire to succeed in my own business?
  4. Am I prepared to have daily involvement in my business?
  5. Do I have a positive attitude?
  6. Do I have strong communication skills?
  7. Do I have a genuine interest in people?
  8. Do I have the ability to deliver outstanding customer service?
  9. Am I prepared to learn and to adopt new ideas?

If you can honestly answer ‘YES’ to all of these questions, then you have met the initial criteria of a successful Donut King franchisee.

Why us

Why should I purchase a Donut King franchise?

Donut King has been serving the now world famous DK Cinnamon Donut for over 30 years, and today Donut King is much, much more than simply the world’s most delicious donut. Millions of Aussies have grown up sharing the Donut King experience; it’s a fun place for the young and the young at heart.

  • Franchisees are provided with comprehensive training at our purpose built Training Academy on the Gold Coast with dedicated, experienced and qualified trainers
  • Donut King is a proven franchise operating system
  • Franchisees are provided with field training & ongoing support
  • The Donut King marketing team are focused on national integrated advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Donut King is a cash business offering minimal risk of bad debt
  • Donut King franchisees have the opportunity to become a successful business owner.

Featured opportunities

1 day ago

Donut King

Franchise New
NEW site opportunity in Colonnades Shopping Centre, SA! Donut King is Australia’s largest & most successful Donut Franchise chain. All training provided - enquire now! more ››
Love fresh donuts & coffee? Be your own boss with a Donut King Franchise!
1 day ago

Donut King

$280,000 - $360,000
Franchise New
NEW site opportunity in Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach QLD! Comprehensive training provided. Be a part of Australia’s largest & most successful Donut Franchise chain. Enquire now! more ››
Be your own boss with a NEW Donut King Franchise - Oasis Shopping Centre!

What should I do next?

Contact Donut King to discuss suitable sites in your area on 1800 067 619, or fill out the contact us form below and one of our state based Franchise Recruitment Executives will make contact with you shortly.

  1. Attend an information meeting with the Franchise Recruitment Executive.
  2. Review all information obtained during the meeting and make a decision on your preferred store/site. 
  3. Request an application form and disclosure document.
  4. Complete the application and post to RFG once completed.
  5. Confirm your purchasing ability with your bank and with your accountant.
  6. Speak to existing franchisees.
  7. Seek legal and financial advice.


In the six years that we have had our Donut King franchise we have found that the system is excellent. We would not put our name to this testimonial if we did not believe in this franchise and its systems.

Our advice to new franchisees is to put their faith in a tried and true system that has been improving in the last 30 years since its inception. If you do not have the confidence to do so, then you should not purchase this franchise. Donut King is a partnership, not only with RFG but with fellow franchisees around the country and is indeed a ‘team effort’. There will be times, as in any partnership, that you will feel that it could be done better, but this is only natural and you should discuss your doubts. Our only complaint is that we did not buy a Donut King 15 years ago as we would probably have 5 or 6 by now, but at our stage in life one is certainly enough, a hobby as well as an income.


We have been in the Donut King system since the opening of our new store November 2006. In that time we have felt nothing but support from the franchise system. The purchase was well informed, the store set up was well supported and every step of the way, we have a BDM who is there to help us achieve our goals, 100% of the time.

It is through this combined effort, and the joy we have dealing with our customers every day, that allowed us to achieve our goal of achieving VICTORIAN Franchisee of the Year, just 2 years later. I would absolutely recommend the system because it works, and welcome anyone who joins

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