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Our purpose is simple – to bring the best of Melbourne’s inner city specialty coffee culture to the suburbs around Australia.

Coffee Hit originally started as an online coffee store by a group of Melbourne coffee enthusiasts. The idea was to source the freshest, best quality coffee available and make it accessible to coffee lovers all over Australia without them ever having to leave the home or office.

Today we’re a unique network of corporate and franchised stores as well as an online retail coffee business. Our focus is not on having the most coffee stores in Australia and beyond, but on serving the very best coffee in every store.

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We offer a unique coffee proposition with a flexible franchise structure that is owned and operated by coffee professionals.

We constantly strive to be the coffee authority in our space by not only delivering fresh, quality beans but also an appreciation of the bean and producers who dedicate their lives to the art.

What makes us different?

Our speciality coffee 

Bringing customers the best coffee we can get our hands on means we really understand every aspect of the coffee process; from where and how it’s grown to how it’s processed and roasted. Our coffee is sourced for its specialty grade, meaning that it’s been classified as amongst the world’s best at above average quality.

In-store Roaster

Roasting coffee in-store is the key to what makes our roastery cafes unique from all other stores. Not only does it allow franchisees the opportunity to roast their own beans but also provides an in-store theatre and enticing aroma for consumers and shoppers passing by. This ensures that our coffee is not only unique to our stores but most importantly ensures that our beans are fresh.

Coffee Hit allows you to be a part of a growing and expanding franchise business that is devoted to keeping up with the ever-changing industry whilst maintaining the stability of its brand.

We offer full training and support across key categories such as operations, training, marketing, HR, and accounts to ensure you and your staff are capable of performing at your best in both the day-to-day operations and long-term development of your business. 

At Coffee Hit, our people are our most important assets.

They determine our ongoing success so it only makes sense to invest in their development and growth. We understand that if we strive to create teams filled with strong brand passion and drive, then we’re building a rare and highly-valuable asset.

When you become a franchisee with Coffee Hit, you and your team will be provided with continual support, training and development, as well as your own Business Development Manager who will mentor and coach you throughout the lifetime of your business. Our processes, manuals and policies have been developed over the years to support and assist you in all facets of operating a successful business. We recognise that for our business to grow and be profitable, every company owned or franchised store must contribute along the way.

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