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Coffee Guru is Australia’s own locally owned and managed coffee chain with stores across Canberra and New South Wales. With new franchise business opportunities available, new stores will continue to open throughout 2016.

With our quality coffee and dedication to customer service, we are proud to be Australia's Own Gourmet Coffee Company. Our professionally trained baristas will make you the perfect cup of coffee every time using our Coffee Guru exclusive coffee blend, made from carefully selected coffee beans from around the world before being roasted to perfection.

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The Coffee Guru Story

Since it's inception in 2002, Coffee Guru has grown into a successful coffee chain with established franchise stores across Canberra and New South Wales.

Dean Crowe, Managing Director, along with 2 other business partners worked to grow the brand into a what it is today, saying 'we saw there was a gap in the market for a company that was able to produce the high volumes required to make a profit, but were able to consistently produce great tasting coffee'.

As Australia's Own Gourmet Coffee Company, we aim to be the number one boutique coffee franchise destination. Culturally the Coffee Guru brand has matured and grown with Australia's expectations and love of coffee.


Owning your own business comes with many rewards, there are many advantages in owning a Coffee Guru franchise to help you reach your goals. The benefits include:

Proven Franchise Operating System

With over 30 stores, Coffee Guru shows it's commitment to quality site selection, successful lease negotiations and ongoing franchise support.


We offer complete support to our franchisees which provides them with the opportunity to own their own business, with the backing of a trusted, established company. Our support centre possesses a team of qualified service personal able to assist with a multitude of problems and ready to answer questions at any time.


Coffee Guru boasts a range of cakes and savouries with the added value of hot and cold beverages. Whether it be takeaway coffee, a catch up with friends, lunch or a snack, Coffee Guru caters for all occasions. With the backing of an award winning roaster and the offer of a certified organic coffee you can be assured of a quality brew every time.


As a new franchisee you will have access to marketing support for your own business and across national campaigns. The Coffee Guru brand is well recognised and has a loyal customer base, and you have the opportunity to focus on marketing to new and existing customers through strategic marketing plans.


All franchisees undertake a comprehensive minimum three week training schedule that ensures that they learn the essentials of efficient coffee preparation, the sale operation of their shop and the correct application of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and customer service- everything that they will need to know to run their very own Coffee Guru. Following this they are guided through one week on site training.

Locally Managed Distribution

A well-managed buying group with support allows our franchisees to control sufficient levels of stock at all times

Once you’ve committed to selecting a Coffee Guru, we support you through a structured application process, openly exchanging information and forming a pro-active, positive relationship from the outset.

Step 1 Enquiry

Step 2 Information package sent

Step 3 Application form completed and returned

Step 4 1st interview with state consultant

Step 5 Draft disclosure document provided. Holding deposit payable for new stores, (Refundable)

Step 6 Seek independent legal and financial advice

Step 7 Store visits to meet existing franchisees

Step 8 Contact the store’s centre management

Step 9 Final selection meeting with state consultant

Step 10 Approval of application

Step 11 Investigate finance approval

Step 12 Issue of franchise agreement and final disclosure document to franchisee’s lawyer.

Step 13 Obtain legal and financial advice

Step 14 Execute and return franchise agreement with deposit (14 days after receipt of disclosure document)

Step 15 Training

Step 16 Payment of balance

Step 17 Store opening

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Q: Do I need any other money to start?

A: It is recommended that you have money available to be used as working capital and as a minimum we would expect you to have $10,000. This will cover, among other things, costs such as accounting and legal fees, Business and Public Liability Insurance and your first day’s trading stock and packaging.

Q: Have you got any sites ready to go?

A: Yes. Refer to the Franchises Available section of our website ( For existing stores please contact the relevant Coffee Guru Recruitment Executive and they will refer you on to any stores currently available.

Q: Are Franchisees expected to actively work in store?

A: Yes. Franchisees are expected to work in store. This is an important factor in the success of our stores, especially in the initial stages.

Q: Why should I purchase a Coffee Guru?

  • Coffee Guru offers world class Espresso coffee, delicious cakes and savouries
  • Proven franchise operating system
  • Training and ongoing support
  • National integrated advertising and Promotional campaigns
  • The opportunity to become a successful business owner

Q: What should I do next?

  • Complete the online application or download it and post to Coffee Guru once completed
  • Attend an information meeting with a Franchise Recruitment Executive
  • Review all information obtained during the meeting and make a decision on your preferred store

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