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Founded by Dr. Philippa McCaffery and Alarna Longes in 2005, Clearskincare Clinics provide the latest in technology and most effective skin treatments and skincare solutions for acne, anti-ageing, pigmentation, red vein removal and more.

Dr. McCaffery’s patent SGA treatment is the only drug free permanent cure for pimples and acne in Australia. We also have a strong laser hair removal business and injecting service offering provided by registered nurses. We pride ourselves on being affordable and delivering highly trained, professional services in a friendly environment focused on customer care.

We provide an opportunity for motivated individuals to work in and invest in a Clearskincare Clinic. With no need to be qualified in the industry, your role will be to manage and drive your clinic to reach its full potential. We look for bright, motivated, committed and honest people who have good people skills and exceptional customer service skills.

For an investment as little as $30,000 up to $150,000, you could be running and a partner in a Clearskincare Clinic in 1 or 2 months!

For further information regarding becoming a Managing Partner, please contact our National Recruitment Manager, Lauren on 02 8310 1327.

*INVESTMENT GUARANTEE is an option to sell your shares back at 18 months for your investment cost. Upfront fees are not refunded.

Clearskincare Clinics now offer the opportunity invest in a Clearskincare Clinic in a new location near you as the managing Partner.

A proven, tried and tested business with over 34 successful clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Fremantle, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast. Our partnership model offers strong support and training and a no-stress turn-key fitout.

We offer an INVESTMENT GUARANTEE* which provides for your investment back after 18 months if you are not satisfied with your role and investment. Our model is low cost, low risk and high on support.

1. Complete online enquiry form

2. Receive Information Pack 1

This pack contains:

  •     10 Steps To Becoming a Managing Partner
  •     Managing Partnership General Overview
  •     Company Information Presentation 
  •     Frequently Asked Questions
  •     Statement Of Financial Position
  •     Self-Analysis Questionnaire
  •     Police, Credit and Reference Check Form
  •     Funding Application Form
  •     Confidentiality Deed

3. Meet in person or conference call to discuss and clarify information received. Return Self-Analysis Questionnaire, Check and Reference Forms and Statement of Financial Position

4. Pay deposit of $3000 to receive Information Pack 2.

This contains all the information required to make a decision including:

  •     Financial Benchmarking – Profit and Clinic Statistic Estimates
  •     Set Up Cost Estimates
  •     A copy of the Shareholder’s Agreement
  •     Company Disclosure Information
  •     Expense Allocations Explained
  •     Responsibilities of Managing Partners
  •     Head Office Services and Roles Presentation
  •     Panel Interview Questionnaire
  •     Final Documentation Instruction Request Form

5. Review information and seek professional advice.

Make your decision.

6. Return your Panel Interview Self-Questionnaire.

7. Panel Interview to assess partnership suitability with Alana Longes and Simon Longes at Edgecliff, NSW.

8. Upon successful interview; Return the Documentation Instruction Request Form.

9. Pay Upfront Fees and return signed documents.


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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy