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Making the Decision

Owning your own business is everyone's dream. The hardest part is deciding which business is right for you.

With a Cleantastic franchise we're confident you'll see the many lifestyle benefits and financial opportunities offered to our franchise owners.

A Cleantastic cleaning franchise is your own commercial cleaning business with experienced help.

When you purchase a franchise you get the right to use the Cleantastic commercial cleaning business system, our name, support and technical expertise.

You will receive comprehensive training, equipment, uniforms, business cards and manuals. In fact everything you need to get started including a client base. You choose the size of the package (guaranteed work) you would like to start with.


Back in the nineties in Auckland, New Zealand, a man named Stu Beadle saw an opportunity for decent cleaning, so he did a bit of testing, and started a franchise which quickly grew to 20 franchises.

He decided the land of kangaroos and koalas held much promise, so he flew over the ditch and got some Aussies along for the ride.

He thought his franchise system was fantastic at cleaning so decided on the name Cleantastic!

Along the way he granted the rights to some fantastic people to let them grow their areas, including John & Teresa Gill, the Melbourne East and Adelaide Master Franchisees. They have sold a lot more franchises and are growing and growing.

Now the 'tastic empire consists of over 800 franchisees with 200 in Melbourne East and 65 in Adelaide, and more and more keep joining. Franchisees love Cleantastic because of The Guarantee, the professional training and the support.  Check out what some of our franchisees say about Cleantastic in Franchise Testimonials.

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Franchise testimonials

"We had a dream to own, our own business. Which has came true and we do enjoy the freedom of work hours, which is flexible. We both are from hospitality industry and find running a Cleantastic franchise as a business in which anybody can be good at. Good amount of money is paid for the the hours of job.
Training system is really good as it provides on going help not only in regards to the type of equipment used for the job, but also to keep you in good terms with your clients." - Gurinder & Olga, Franchisees

"My name is Aaron Wu. I am so glad to be a franchise of Cleantastic. My partner and I have bought the business. As we both full time study in University of Canterbury, we are only able to work after hours. Cleantastic have given us the opportunity to work flexible hours but with significant income. Our business is stable and easy to take care." - Aaron Wu, Franchisee

"For anyone who is considering in purchasing their own franchise, we suggest you consider joining Cleantastic as they do what they say, and provide work to your request, with as much support as each individual requires." - Neil Parker, Franchisee

"I'm so proud to be a franchisee of Cleantastic, with more than 1 year guaranteed work, quality clients, great support, makes me very happy. I'm happy that I made the right choice." - James Leung, Franchisee.

"Merry Xmas John, Teresa, Rachel & Tara from the Family. Wishing you guys all the best for the festive season. I got a bonus, I went to buy a franchise and got some really nice friends in the package, thanks guys." - Neil Parker & Family

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