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Chicken Treat is proud to be a WA owned company which is in its third decade of operations.

Since its inception in 1976 our network has expanded to over 60 Chicken Treat stores right across Western Australia.

Being part of the Craveable Brands Group, Chicken Treat remains a strong player in the local market exercising robust buying power with suppliers, marketing systems and advertising reach.


Chicken Treat’s famous hand stuffed, slow cooked, golden, tender rotisserie chicken, bursting with traditional stuffing and juices is a result of thirty seven years of expertise. The magic of this classic roasted bird is in its simplicity - a traditional stuffing, a well-timed rotisserie and freshly cooked for our customers.

With years of experience Chicken Treat combines creative and effective marketing tools with strong branding in its advertising and local marketing campaigns and an innovative approach to product development.

Chicken Treat maintains its uniqueness through the iconic animated chicken, and takes immense pride in providing our customers with generously sized meals of slow cooked rotisserie chicken, lightly spiced Fried chicken products, Chicken Rolls and a range of Royal Burgers and Fresh Wraps.

Featured Opportunities

Chicken Treat is an Australian owned and operated brand with a proud history stretching over more than three decades.

Currently the Chicken Treat network consists of over 60 stores spread across Western Australia. With exciting plans ahead for the brand to become the local hero neighbourhood chicken store, there is a whole world of franchising opportunities on offer to the right candidate.

With the patronage of the Craveable Brands Group behind us, we are strong players in the market having significant buying power in products, marketing systems and advertising reach. We also offer a structured initial and ongoing training program and provide you with a dedicated Franchise Business Development Manager who understands your local area and can support you.


To be a successful Chicken Treat franchisee you need to be willing to take great pride and passion in the management and running your local chicken store.

If you are friendly and approachable, an active member of your local community and are driven to deliver outstanding customer service then we want to hear from you. Of course you also need to demonstrate business competence in leading a team, balancing the books, managing costs and cashflow.

Our Franchise Partners participate in an in-depth selection and recruitment process. During this, you will be required to:

  • Interview with key Executives throughout the business
  • Undertake a comprehensive due diligence of your chosen site or existing store
  • Participate in an in store experience with our training team in one of our accredited training stores
  • Perform various aptitude tests, self-assessments and background checks
  • Provide evidence of financial capacity
  • Seek independent legal, business and accounting advice

Once you have successfully met our section criteria you will be enrolled in an extensive ten week training program which will ensure that you are ready to open your store with the relevant knowledge and confidence to see you succeed and help you grow your business.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy