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Visit: http://www.bubbapizza.com.au/franchising/

Bubba Pizza is a fast growing take away pizza franchise with a strong foothold in the Victorian and South Australian quick service market.

Since June 2000 Bubba has withstood the test of time in Victoria through one of the most competitive markets in Australia, growing to over 20 stores in 2016 across 2 states.

Bubba Pizza is one of Australia’s largest 100% privately owned pizza franchises and has been developing its franchise model for over 16 years. Bubba’s franchising experience shows through its proficiency in premier site selection, modern store fit outs, franchisee training, group wide marketing campaigns and store support.

With the Australian pizza market being saturated by expensive American based franchise models serving mass produced low quality products, Bubba has taken the opportunity to create a product that the Australian Pizza eaters truly enjoy. With bases and sauce made fresh daily in store, vegetables and meat sourced from local grocers and butchers, customers can tell the difference in the fresh and local produce. Bubba’s customer retention rates are some of the highest in Australia.

Bubba Pizza’s main initiative is to continue to grow stores across Australia with the help of some highly motivated and enthusiastic franchisees, Bubba’s low cost franchise investment model makes it easier for franchisees to take the leap and start working for themselves.

The lower the initial cost then the sooner the franchisee can start making money and not have the stresses of spending years paying off investment debt.

Bubba believes in keeping franchisees motivated, which is why Bubba offers a fixed franchise fee. This means the more sales a store makes the more profit franchisees can take home. Bubba Franchisees that put in hard work are putting it all in for their own benefit.

Why us

Director and Founder Roger Hopper opened the first Bubba Pizza Store in June 2000 with an intention of offering a better quality product then the average pizza store whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Each paying customer deserves a quality pizza made fresh for them and for that reason Bubba focus’ on making fresh dough every day and mixing their own pizza sauce in house.

Bubba is very much a community driven franchise, we purchase from local suppliers such as butchers, and fruit and veg outlets. Staying connected to the community is what drives out franchisees to achieve and is a very rewarding experience.

Why choose Bubba Pizza?

  • Low cost investment and fixed franchise fee structure
  • Comprehensive initial training program and ongoing support for all levels of pizza experience
  • New store marketing assistance and local store marketing training
  • Your own dedicated support team in all aspects of the business including business management, health and safety, food preparation and marketing.
  • Take pride in your new business, be proud of the products you will produce and enjoy in the satisfaction of your happy customers

Working for yourself has never been this easy.

  1. Register your interest via the seek Business portal.

  2. We at head office will contact you and arrange a meeting at our office to introduce ourselves learn a bit about each other and find some common business initiatives.

  3. Once the formalities are out of the way and you and Bubba Pizza are ready to take the next step and can begin the administrative process of making you a franchisee.

  4. Whilst the admin process is underway we now need to have a look at your business plan, or help you develop one. This helps us understand who will be running the business, what sort of company structure will be in place etc. The business plan will also be submitted to the bank if they are financing your business.

  5. Once the business plan has been dissected and approved we can work together to find a suitable site for your store. Franchise and Lease agreements can then be finalised and we can begin to build the store. The chosen shop fitters may require an up-front deposit in order to start their works.

  6. We will then begin your in depth training program in one of our franchised training stores or Head Office Training centre. This ensures you will hit the ground running as soon as the Doors open at your new store.

  7. We give you the keys and you will be welcomed into the Bubba Community, then we switch that pizza oven on and start cooking!

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