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Welcome to an opportunity to take control of your future!

A future with Brian Tracy Global will offer you the opportunity to do just that, work the hours you want to work and be properly financially rewarded for the work you put in.

Submit an enquiry and we will be in touch, we’re excited at the prospect of working with you.

Brian Tracy Global has been operating for over 30 years and is in 32 countries. The Australian and New Zealand division of Brian Tracy International provides a complete package for anyone aiming to build a training, coaching and consultancy business. With over 5 million graduates worldwide, we are the leading training organisation in the world.

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This business model is "Franchising with a Twist". You will enjoy brand recognition, corporate clients for reference, world-class training programs, multiple revenue channels, all marketing and sales tools, plus world class coaching--but be able to put your own stamp on your business. With world class systems and processes that are well researched and established. this franchise model demonstrates a market-leading level of sophistication and achieves success for its clients - YOU.

People and companies buy from people they trust - our brand credibility and programs will fully support your reputation and skills and build trust immediately. This makes your business valuable and therefore this franchise model an excellent opportunity with resounding value.

5 key steps for further information:

Step 1. Contact us to receive the business model overview and the list of frequently asked questions.

Step 2: Arrange a time to speak with Ben Kirk or Andrew Phillips on 1800 634 227 and then if further interested receive the detailed information package. 

Step 3: Arrange a time to speak with Andrew Phillips ( CEO ) and he will provide you with practical information on how to best benefit from the model and how to manage and start your business.

Step 4: Complete the application process.

Step 5: Together we manage the timetable for induction training and launch your business!

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This is the ideal business because I am able to combine my advanced leadership and management skills with Brian Tracy’s outstanding programs to customise solutions for my clients. I had been wanting the independence of working for myself and this is the opportunity I was looking for. I achieved an 80% ROI in the first 9 months.

-Darryl Goodhand, NSW

My Brian Tracy license is an excellent complement to my boutique recruitment business. The Brian Tracy programs and behavioural assessments allow me to provide a full service to my clients. The assessments are valuable for the accuracy they provide in hiring and performance appraisals. I consistently receive positive feedback from my clients.

-Paulette Kolarz, ‘2008 SA Telstra Business Woman of the Year’

I really like the hands-on focus of my business. I find satisfaction in building relationships, facilitating programs, and helping businesses and individuals. I have received great support from Andrew at Brian Tracy and I enjoy working with him.

-Stephen Dyt, VIC

In 2010, I moved from Belgium to Australia. Formerly a European Sales Manager for a large company, I suddenly found myself on a downward spiral with no money, no friends and no place to live. I began to work on my personal development using the Brian Tracy programs. I went on to represent Brian Tracy and prospected diligently to grow my small business. In only 10 months, I had secured contracts with some of the top multi-million dollar companies in Australia. Three years later, my business is going from strength to strength. My purpose in life is to lead and to inspire others. Thank you to Andrew for believing in me. I highly recommend this business opportunity.”

-Bram Lagrou, SA

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