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Blue Wheelers Wash, Clip & Groom is Australia’s no 1 choice in mobile dog washing.

We come to your home to look after your family furry member's grooming requirements.

Isn’t it time you loved your work?

There are millions of dogs in Australia and Blue Wheelers is the No 1 choice when it comes to washing and grooming Aussie dogs. If you have a passion for dogs, dream of being your own boss and want to find the ideal income and lifestyle balance, then please read on!

Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2016 - there has never been a better time to join our almost 200 fully trained operators Australia-wide washing and grooming over 40,000 dogs monthly.

Our Blue Wheeler operators come from all walks of life: financial; retail; corporate; legal, logistics. All come to us with one common goal – to be truly independent; earn good $’s and enjoy a better lifestyle!

At Blue Wheelers we are all about changing lives for the better. We provide an affordable opportunity into your own business without the stress factors experienced when choosing to go it alone. Blue Wheelers has a proven business system that works. Your training will ensure you follow this successful formula while enjoying support across Australia from local management.

We also have Dash DogWash in its Big Yellow Kennel as a less expensive option into the ever growing pet industry. Dash DogWash enjoys all the benefits of a Blue Wheeler (without the Big Blue Dog) at a lower start up price.

Featured Opportunities

Since it was established in 1994, Blue Wheelers has stayed at the forefront of the dog washing and grooming industry.

It is a performer in the franchise industry and has been listed seven times as one of BRW’s fastest growing franchise businesses.

The Australian pet industry is a $6 billion market and growing. With 39% of homes owning over 4.2 million dogs, Blue Wheelers franchisees have can earn upwards of $1200 a week with many team members earning more than $2500 per week.

A Blue Wheelers business offers you:

  • Flexibility and freedom of operating your own business, working your own hours
  • Security of an established National brand
  • The iconic Blue Wheelers mobile salon!
  • Full skills and business administration training
  • Quality equipment and products
  • Low start up costs and overheads
  • National marketing 
  • Regular customer enquiries
  • Unique business software that takes the worry out of running a business.

Our iconic, “big Blue Dog” mobile salon is a unique marketing tool that advertises itself. You’ll love seeing the smiles on faces around your neighbourhood as you make your rounds.

With over a decade in ergonomic design and refinements the salon looks great and acts as a comfortable, all-weather work environment that goes with you everywhere.

Starting your business with Blue Wheelers is easier than you think. For less than the cost of a typical SUV, we equip you with everything you need. Talk to us about leasing and finance options to get your rewarding new business on the road.

No other dog related franchise is as focused on a training as Blue Wheelers! With our Nationally Accredited Training program, marketing, business administration skills and Customer Relations Management tools you’ll appreciate the difference that quality training and support brings to your business success.

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Can anyone join the Blue Wheelers Franchise?

Not quite! We don’t SELL franchises; we believe that it’s best when a person chooses to BUY a franchise. Our most successful franchisees are switched on dog lovers who are mad keen about spending their days with dogs and wanting to secure their own future by building their own business.

What do I get when I Buy a Blue Wheelers business?

You will get a fully detailed business including:

your own territory;
your own Blue Dog mobile salon;
A franchise agreement;
All your tools and accessories;
Our own business management software package;
your uniform;
business cards,
marketing materials;
plus much more!

Do I need to have experience?

No! We fully train you to become an accredited dog Groomer! We don’t put you on the road until we are sure that you are sure! We run detailed business training at our own Blue Wheelers School including training on our business software package. Daily usage of this software is essential to your business success; your own iPad is required!

Do you provide customers?

Only if you buying an already established Blue Wheelers business. All new team members enjoy a fee free period to build your customer base. As we don’t have you driving all over the country, you are able to target your customer base in your own exclusive territory through direct marketing and other marketing strategies.

Once I am on the road, will you still have my back?

Of course, when you join Blue Wheelers we say ‘you are on your own but not alone’. You will have direct access to your Blue Wheelers support team for on going operational, marketing and business support. You also have access to all Blue Wheelers franchisees through our own secure on line Forum and your fellow neighbouring Blue Wheelers will likely drop by to see how you are doing! You become very much part of the team!

What obligations do I have as a Blue Wheeler?

You are obliged to follow our successful Franchise system. Put simply why mess with proven success! Your Blue Wheelers management team share over 60 years of combined expertise in business building. Blue Wheelers has the collective knowledge of thousands of people years of experience in dog grooming to know what works! Both the franchisee and the franchisor have responsibilities to each other and they are all upfront and detailed in your franchise agreement. We encourage you to speak to other Blue Wheeler Groomers as part of your due diligence to ensure you and Blue Wheelers are a good fit!

Is it cheaper to set up my own independent business?

Ah, we love this question! Of course you can buy your own hydro bath or trailer; (but it won’t be a Blue Dog!) and it’s possible to go it alone. However, as with everything in life, you do get what you pay for! With Blue Wheelers we take away the stress of starting a new business so you can have the time to do what you need to do – build your customer base and Groom the dogs. When you join Blue Wheelers you have instant credibility to look after family fur babies. You don’t have to worry about advertising; creating a web site; what you will wear; what you will need to buy; how to handle customers; how to secure appointments, bookkeeping and tax responsibilities – we cover you on every How? Why? What? When? and Where?

Oh, and just a reminder that Blue Wheelers is Australia’s No 1 choice in Grooming and washing because we are a powerful Brand; and in today’s world – Brand is King!

For further information check out this short article:

Will I be Successful?

The million-dollar question – right? That’s certainly our aim! Our experience has shown us that with the right personality, attitude and work ethic, our Blue Wheeler Groomers are really successful. However, everyone’s idea of success is a little different – some join for the money; some for the lifestyle and some….just because they love the dogs. It works both ways, if you follow the system with a smile and a positive attitude, you should be on the path to success within a reasonable time frame.

I’m interested! What now?

Please fill out the form so we can be in touch and give you some more information.

Can I sell my franchise?

Yes. A franchise business can be sold like any other business. There are some special terms and conditions that need to be met as it is a franchise and covered by special laws.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy