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Beyond Rest is the ultimate floatation tank experience.

We bring out our customers’ ‘super powers’ through relaxation and meditation. This is an opportunity to join us and own a revolutionary float tank franchise of your own.

The Beyond Rest Story

After floating for the first time, brother Nick and Ben Dunin both agreed there was considerable value to be found in floating. People of all walks of life needed this. Floating could be life, performance, mind, emotional, creativity, well being and physically enhancing in its rewards. Floating also increased awareness, connection, clarity, control, and lead to enhancements in spirituality, while reconnecting people with their true selves.

The Beyond Rest Difference:

We’ve seen the difference floating can make in people’s physical and emotional lives. We’ve seen it help to elevate people to levels of enlightened consciousness, peak performance and radically improve the quality of life for people of all walks of life – from harried mums through to all-star athletes.

Franchise Opportunities

We are currently looking for people who share our vision to join us. We have existing and new locations available - Get in touch to find out more.

Why us

We think that everyone deserves to find their “super powers”!

It is the Dunin Dream to bring floating to Australia and to raise awareness of and appreciation for floating worldwide and to ensure that people are reconnecting with themselves through floating.

With over 500+ float centres worldwide, and 300+ in Germany alone, The US, Canada and other countries are growing in their adoption - the world is waking up to the mind and body benefits of floating. It is endorsed by the Swedish Government and German Doctors are now prescribing floats instead of drugs for stress and relaxation.

Franchise Benefits

The Pods

We have exclusive supplier relationships that allow us to import the highest quality float pods. As a franchisee, you'll benefit from having an amazing float tank in your franchise operation.

ew Industry

Be an early adopter and join the floatation tank market before your competitors. Be a part of the Beyond Rest brand and be a market leader.


Beyond Rest offers a powerful integrated marketing program that allows you to carry out your own local area marketing, supported by our corporate initiatives. Our marketing experts will work with you to develop consistent messaging that attracts new customers and brings existing customers back again.


We will provide you with 6 stages of setup support when you first open, so you manage to do this within budget and time frame. We also provide 4 stages of ongoing support at your Beyond Rest centre, so things run smoothly from the beginning. You will receive continual training and support and always have someone from head office on call should you have any marketing or operational needs. You will also benefit greatly from our founders’ experience in customer service and online marketing.

Your Skills

If you are the right person for our business you will have a number of qualities in common with our current franchise owners. These qualities include:

  • Passion
  • Health focus 
  • Being ‘real’

If you have those qualities then you are ready for the commitment you make when opening a new store.

This commitment includes:

  • Being committed to the business for 5 years
  • A willingness to be energetic and hands-on
  • Readiness to put in hard work
  • Capacity to make a financial investment to build and operate your store


Hold on - don't miss out on learning more!

Get in touch with the advertiser and find out:
  • How this business can fit your lifestyle
  • If this opportunity fits your skills
  • How you can become a successful business owner
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