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Who are we?

Ben & Jerry's was founded by Ben and Jerry in 1978 in Vermont USA. After a number of failed university attempts, the pair enrolled in a $5 ice cream making course (by correspondence). The first Ben & Jerry's scoop shop opened in an old gas station in Burlginton Vermont - the rest as they say is history. Ben & Jerry's came Down Udder in 2009

Ben & Jerry's is more than just an Ice Cream company and all franchisees are encouraged to share in Ben & Jerry's 3 part mission statement. This underlying philosophy sees Ben & Jerry's place equal weight on our Product, Economic and Social missions. This mission statement has been core to the Ben & Jerry's business from the beginning- a revolutionary development at the time, and highly relevant for today's consumer environment.

This is a truly unique opportunity to join an international brand and own your own part of Ben & Jerry's.

Ben & Jerry's has more than 600 stores worldwide and currently has 10 stores in Australia.


 The Ben & Jerry's Franchise Opportunity

Ben & Jerry's are offering a very limited number of high profile locations to franchisees. Joining Ben & Jerry's sees you partner with one of the most successful ice cream companies globally. You also get access to the hugely successful Ben & Jerry's brand and all the amazing flavours we have developed over the past 30 years.

Benefits of Joining the Ben & Jerry's herd:

Ben & Jerry's offers a full turn key operation.

Training Provided

Ben & Jerry's provides a full business induction program including the following:

  •  Full brand induction
  • Store operations
  • Staff management
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing staff training
  • Ongoing product and operations training

Skills Training

  • Simple business model to operate
  • Retail experince is not required - we will teach you all you need to know.

Marketing Support

  • Significant investment in Marketing activites (our total investment far outweighs the value of franchisee marketing levies collected).
  • Financial and operational support with a scoop shop launch campaign, ongoing campaigns, POS promotions, new flavour campaigns, low season specials and many other marketing and customer engagement campaigns..                                                


How to get started

1. For further information please send an enquiry to our Franchise Recruitment team

2. One of the team members will then contact you to better understand your background ,what you are looking for in a business and discuss the Ben & Jerry’s opportunity with you. 

3. For suitable candidates initial Meetings will then be organized

4. Franchisees will then do their financial and legal due dilligance

5. Candidates will then go to a final approval meeting.

6. Ben & Jerrys’ then work on finding suitable sites for Approved candidates.

7. The Franchise team will deliver a turnkey business which franchisees will be trained and supported to run


Approximately  8-12 weeks to become an unconditional franchisee



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Ben & Jerry's franchisees explain why they opted for the brand:

Albert Thai and Kent Hildred are one of Australia's newest Ben & Jerry's franchaisees- the duo chat about their experiences so far..

Why did you decide to buy a franchise?

Buying into a franchise ensured we didn’t have to start a business from scratch and could start a business with a brand that had a long track record.  We had observed the long term success of the Ben & Jerry’s brand overseas and attended the grand opening of the Chatswood store. From thereon in, we felt the brand was a good fit from both a product and social mission perspective.

We also decided to buy a franchise because we knew we would have lots of upfront and continued support from the Australian Ben & Jerry’s team.

How did you come to decide on this brand?

We have been big fans of Ben & Jerry’s after seeing the brand whilst travelling overseas. When it launched in Australia, we realised there were many factors that set Ben & Jerry’s apart from competitors, both in terms of product and the business.

The Ben and Jerry’s mission is to make the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way. We believe in, and support, this mission. In addition to this, the ice cream is denser than other competitors making it a super-premium ice cream and it has chunks and swirls which differentiates itself from competitors. Another great thing about the brand is that the raw materials are sourced from suppliers in a social and environmentally responsible way. For example, cage free eggs are used and the company works closely with dairy farmers to continue improving farming practices to help protect the environment and animal welfare.

How has the franchisor training helped you in business?

The franchisor training we received from Ben & Jerry’s was great for our business – having others to learn from ensured we got to start up quickly and with ease. The good thing is, the system is developing in Australia, so we can always go to the franchisor with ideas for improvement to the model, and they are open to that.

How has franchising changed your life?

Being a franchisee and part of a much-loved international brand has been an amazing experience.  It’s meant that we’ve become part of a bigger herd and have connections all over the world. We’re looking forward to developing our local presence and building on our fan base even more by spreading the signature Ben & Jerry’s peace, love and ice cream!  

What Ben and Jerry’s Franchising Australia Limited are saying

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