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The right franchise for you.

Bedshed is one of Australia’s most successful and profitable bedding retailers. Here at Bedshed, we want help the right people be successful by using our accredited franchise model; tried, tested and perfected during our 35 year history. Our highly profitable franchise model is accredited with both Westpac and Bankwest, so you can rest easy. Independent research also shows Bedshed franchisees are more financially satisfied than 84% of the industry.

We have 31 stores across four states and are currently expanding our franchise network on the east coast of Australia. We are committed to securing the future of our franchisee partners by growing our network of stores and increasing our customer base. As Bedshed continues to expand, we deliver greater marketing clout and buying power for our franchisee partners.

Owning a Bedshed franchise enables you to secure your financial future and choose your desired lifestyle.

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The right team

Our company is led by a highly skilled management team with extensive retailing experience behind them. We offer every support to our franchisee partners and together we collaborate for success using resilient and proven processes. By providing specialised advice, training and a proven structure, Bedshed takes a lot of the risk out of running your own business.

We are vastly different from our competitors. We combine exclusive products from the industry’s most trusted suppliers (such as Sealy, Sleepmaker, Beautyrest and Tempur) with a unique import program which gives franchisee partners input into product selection. We rely on their expertise to help us select our best-selling range. That’s why, for example, franchisee representatives play a key role on every overseas buying trip.

The right support

  • A national advertising and marketing program
  • Merchandise negotiation
  • Site selection and fit out
  • Financial management systems
  • An experienced and passionate field service team
  • Excellent income and capital appreciation potential
  • World class management and IT systems
  • Ongoing training and support from an experienced management team
  • Ability to choose your desired lifestyle
  • And most importantly, leading brands and exclusive products

The right people

We are looking for people who are passionate about customer service, have the ability to take ownership and want to work in their own business. A background in retail, while ideal, is not mandatory.  

A Bedshed franchise has the potential for significant returns in the long run. That’s why it’s the preferred choice for many people when deciding between opening their own business or choosing to become part of an accredited and proven National Franchise System.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of a Bedshed franchise, or speak with one of our franchisees directly, please contact Bedshed’s National Business Development Manager, Rod Parker on 03 9439 5594 or 

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“The Bedshed team assisted us with everything ahead of our opening – lease negotiations, floor layout, operations, merchandising, staff interviews, marketing, financial matters, training, IT. They held our hands from the word go. It gave us a great deal of confidence,”

Patrick Weiner, Bedshed Nunawading Victoria

“The main driver was that I wanted a business that would let me balance work commitments and time with my wife and two children. Now if I want a day off with the kids, I can do that. It’s a big plus…. I am also a member of Bedshed’s Franchise Advisory Council, giving me input into key business decisions. I’m involved at a macro level, and on a micro level I decide how to manage and run my own store.”

Laurence Arnell-Smith, Bedshed Rockingham, Western Australia

“As a business owner, I’m extremely focussed on growing my business and that’s how I spend most of my time. But I also enjoy the flexibility that comes with running my own show, which means I can juggle work and family without the challenges of answering to someone else or placing an added burden onto others ... That’s why Bedshed is such a good match for me ...  I can afford to live the lifestyle I love and I also have greater control over my work schedule.” 

Katy Gennai - Bedshed Watergardens, VIC.

“We work hard at maintaining good relationships with our business associates. We’ve received plenty of advice from the most unexpected places and people, all of which has been invaluable in growing our business successfully. The encouragement and support I received from Bedshed when I relocated my store 12 months ago made the process easy. It helped me focus on what's important in running my business - my customers. For customers, buying a bed is not a quick process. It's more than buying a bed. It's about getting a better night’s sleep to improve your life. It’s a satisfying business because at the end of the day that’s what we’re helping people do"
Susie Ralph - Morayfield, QLD

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy