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Just days before Christmas 2009, Melbourne newly- wed Jen Nguyen and Pat Hoang shared their first business adventure and opened the door of a petite coffee lounge on the breezy Frankston shore, with a focus on great coffee, home-styled food and excellent customer service. The little 20 seaters instantly took off to become a local favourite. The first success inspired Pat and Jen to pursue their food dream with a future vision. Today, 7 years, 1 child and multiple stores later, our family business still operate with the sheer passion of delivering GOOD TIMES to our customers through enjoyable café experience, exceptional coffee, hand-crafted cakes and innovative home-styled cooking.
We aim to operate a successful and long lasting business with a trade mark GOOD TIMES culture, experienced by generations to come of our community, our staff and our business associates


  1. No previous food/retail experience required
  2. Stream-line selection process
  3. Proven business model and operational system
  4. Affordable investment level
  5. We provide assistance with finance

Beans Republique should be your chosen franchise for:

  1. Beans Republique cafe model:
    We reach larger groups of consumers by offering the products and service that they want and need. The all-rounder model offers both speedy take-away and relaxing dine-in options. In a charming industrial chic environment, we serve up delicious hand-crafted cakes and baked-goods, excellent coffee and restaurant quality menu, all wrapped up in outstanding customer service.

  2. Beans Republique Franchisor:
    We are dynamic, hand-on and approachable. You will be in a business partnership directly with the franchisor. We will be working closely with you to build your business to a success. Being a more selective group of franchise, we channel our focus and energy on our franchisees growth and sustainability. We believe in a fair and long term relationship which both parties could enjoy and benefit from. We care a great deal because our business is your business.

At Beans Republique, we strongly believe that our franchisees are individual business owners, not another cloned operator. We strongly believe that you are the pinnacle of your business’s success. Your achievement as an individual business owner means we succeed. Therefore, our proven track record of a great business practice; our strong training and support system; our close relationship with the store owners, everything is designed to make YOU shine.

As a Beans Republique franchisee, you are part of a well-established and successful organization hence enjoy all of its benefits. You would be able to operate your business from day 1 with an excellent business concept and an operational system that do not “stumble and fall”.
You would skip all headaches of setting up a brand new premise from designing, fitting, planning and permits to getting ready for the grand-opening day. You would start trading as a trained operator with an experienced and well-trained team.
After the launch, you would be continuously supported by a business development manager dedicated to look after you and your store to keep you on the right track. You would benefit from fleet buyer power and get the best deals from our suppliers. You would be kept on top with all of the industry’s latest trends. Your business’s social media management would be taken care of.
We do all the legworks so that you could focus on what matters to you: the business.

Owning a business is a big decision.

We appreciate that you will this business opportunity thoroughly in all aspects and ask as many questions as you can. After a careful consideration, if you determine that owning a Beans Republique restaurant is the best option for you, we would like to invite you to enter our Franchise Selection Process. This invitation does not guarantee that you will be selected to be our franchisee.

Our Franchise Selection Process includes 6 steps:

  1. Applicant submits an Expression of Interest form.
  2. Eligible applicant will attend a phone interview, followed by a formal interview with franchisor’s representative. Records of past work/ business experience and finance proof will be presented at the formal interview. Applicant receives Franchise Information Booklet and Confidentiality Agreement. 
  3. Applicant conducts due diligent and pay Documentation fee of 2500 +GST. 
  4. Applicant conducts a full day interaction and on the job evaluation in a store.
  5. Applicant will be offered a Beans Republique Franchise location of mutual agreement. Applicant will sign the Franchise Agreement, pay franchisee fee and the estimated fit-out cost.
  6. Site construction and staff training commence. Applicant conducts a 3 months full-time Training and Evaluation Program in a store. Key staff members conduct the required training program in a store.

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1. What is Beans Republique business concept?

Beans Republique concept focus on high consumers’ satisfaction to build a loyal customer base which turns to the business success.
Our business model presents a wholesome café experience with “feel good” vibe, personable customer service, great coffee, simple smart food menu, exclusive hand-crafted cakes/baked goods and a retailing section of branded merchandise.

2. What support will Beans Republique give me?

At Beans Republique we have a step by step support program to assist you at every stage of your franchise journey from setting up, owning and operating a successful business:
A, Prior to business launch: Franchise Training Program, in which you and your main staff will receive the store manuals, recipes and cookbook and hand-on trainings to operate your Beans Republique store.
B; Ongoing support: a dedicated Territory Franchise Manager who will support you to maximise your sales and increase your profitability. You will be provided with guidance and support in all business aspects including staff recruitment, book keeping, marketing strategies, customer relationship buildings etc.
C; Franchise Support Help Line and Technical Support Line: to assist you with daily operations Q&As, POS system trouble shootings, equipment service and maintenance etc.
D, Trainings and updates: café industry evolves and changes rapidly to keep up with the more and more sophisticated new generations of consumers. So should we. Regular updates and necessary trainings to keep us on top of the game will be conducted in many forms, such as introductions of exciting new products, onsite and head quarter trainings and workshops, promotions, newsletters.

3. How much does it cost to own a Beans Republique store?

There are 2 cost components:
Franchise fee: covers the cost of site selection, recruiting, training and assisting the franchisee in the set up and launch of their franchised business. It also permits franchisees to operate under the Beans Republique brand, and utilise the intellectual property and operating systems. Our franchise fee is $45,000 GST exclusive.
Set up cost: The cost of setting up a Beans Republique store varies between $150,000 to $350,000 GST exclusive depending on the café model, location, size and style of the site.

4. How much is the royalties?

Royalties is from 3.8% GST exclusive of turnover.

5. Where can I set up a Beans Republique store?

Whilst some existing stores are available to be purchased, we focus on expanding our franchise network by looking out for Greenfield opportunities (new sites). We would love to work with you on site selection to locate sites that will meet your requirements and fit our criteria. If you have an area that you would prefer, we will work together to find a site that will benefit us both.
6. What qualifications are required from a franchisee?

  • A positive and confident attitude.
  • Appreciation and passion for to Beans Republique GOOD TIMES culture
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Financial stability
  • Ability to follow systems and procedures
  • Customer relationship building skills

7. Can I finance the business?

Yes. There are different ways to finance your business such as bank loan and equipment finance. We provide assistance and some supporting documents for your finance application. We recommend that you consult an accountant or financial advisor on the option of which would be best suited to your circumstances.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy