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This is Australia’s Biggest Mobile Rock Climbing Adventure Franchise, franchise partners deliver the thrill of adventure to 1000’s of events, throughout Australia.

It’s a very rewarding business, especially if you like helping kids build confidence.

A flexible work/life balance allows franchise partners to leverage their time, enjoying the freedom of a balanced lifestyle. Whilst providing a great income for their family, and having the flexibility of working an average of just 3 days / week.

Comprehensive training, field and head office support, standardised systems and processes provide the foundation for you to succeed as a franchise partner.

What are we looking for from our franchisees? – The desire to be part of a successful team, a positive person that enjoys helping others, a warm sense of community, consistently reliable, and patient with children.

So, if owning your own Mobile Rock Climbing Business and helping kids build confidence 3 days / week sound like something you would enjoy, contact our friendly team to find a territory available near you.

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The Base Zero difference

Ask any business owner the 4 most challenging areas of running a business, and they will list the following:

  • TIME

The Base Zero Franchise System, reduces the burden on all these key challenges.

Minimal team members are required, 30% of events don’t require any additional team members, and the other 70% only require 1 casual, with minimal training. Easy to train, and easy to replace, with no rosters required.

Clients pay a 50% deposits to confirm their booking, franchise partners generally receive these months in advance. This creates a cash flow funnel, to build a reserve of wealth.
With pre-established hire rates, you know your profit before you leave for the event.
The worry of a profitable day is eliminated.

A huge benefit to the Base Zero Franchise System is the minimal overheads, there is No rent, No stock, No manufacturing, and No wastage.

You will benefit by leveraging your valuable time, and enjoying an average 3 day work week.
Support Office receive all phone and email inquiries directly from customers in your territory, they are event acquisition and retention specialists.
You will benefit by not having to sit in an office, and answer calls, send out proposals and follow up client’s inquiries. The team at Support office do all this, and send you details of an event once reserved. All online, and direct phone marketing is facilitated by support office, so you can spend time with your family, or work on a personal project.

The reduction of these challenges, normally facing business owners, allows Base Zero franchise partners to really enjoy their business, allowing them to focus on providing an exceptional service, and a wonderful customer experience.

The progression into a Base Zero Franchise is determined by the applicant’s desired territory, and the speed to which they progress through the stages of application and induction.

Existing territories can take just 2 months from application to induction.
New territories will generally take 5 months from application to induction.

These stages are detailed below:

1. Application
Once we have received your expression of interest we will ask you to
complete an application and confidentiality form including questions on
your personal & professional resume.

2. Franchisee Profile
Once these have been completed, and you have met our entrance
criteria we will send you a Base Zero Welcome Pack, and ask you to
complete a personal profile questionnaire, and a basic personal balance

3. Formal Interview
Full overview of the franchise program, including roles and expectations
of both parties. You will receive an Info Pack for the territory you have
applied for.

4. Business Plan
You will be asked to lodge a business plan including a funding proposal.

5. Intent to proceed
An intent to proceed notice is received by our legal team.

6. Issue Formal Documents
Disclosure documents, draft franchise agreement and complete
schedules. Commitment to a time line and dates. There is a 14 day
cooling off period during which you should seek independent advice.

7. Signing, commitment & payment of fees
Signing of the franchise documents. Pay initial franchise fee and
training fee.
There is a further 7 day cooling off period from here.

8. Training
Receive full copy of operations manual & training commences.

9. Congratulations
Start operations as a fully accredited Base Zero Owner in your territory.

10. Support & Follow Up
Base Zero support and on-going training commences.

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Information Pack included when you enquire

All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy