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Join the Right Franchise!

Welcome to AUTO ONE the premier automotive parts & accessories retail franchise team. Across Australia, AUTO ONE stores provide the "Right Gear! Right Advice!" to customers every day. And now we'd like to invite you to "JOIN THE RIGHT FRANCHISE! WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!"

A Business Structure That Works

Today AUTO ONE is a privately listed company where each store owner is an equal share holder. There is an elected board of directors & a member advisory council who ensure that strategic business decisions are in the best interest of fellow franchise members. Everyone contributing equally to each other's success.

The Top 6 Things Our Franchisees say About Us

Compare AUTO ONE to other automotive retail business opportunities & discover the competitive advantage that you will have;

  • Low fixed monthly fees & no ceiling on your potential,
  • Access to recognisable brands as good as our people,
  • National advertising & promotional campaigns that work,
  • National purchasing power for increased profitability,
  • Rebate marketing support to boost your local reputation,
  • A proven successful business model for over 24 years.

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1. Who Makes A Great Franchisee?

AUTO ONE seeks motivated, passionate & dedicated people to join our franchise team. •Some experience within the automotive industry is an advantage but not essential, like a trade background, former sales manager or spare parts interpreter wanting to own their own business. Otherwise we will provide the training for you. •Someone who aspires to be an integral part of the community as an employer, service provider, & local business leader. •A commitment to work in the business with an energetic hands on approach, putting in the hard yards to make your business a success. •But, most importantly, we look for people who understand the importance of working as a team, they must have the willingness to learn, & the ability to accept change.

2. How Do I Get Started?

Complete your online enquiry & after the first interview you will receive a disclosure document to discuss with your business advisors. From there the planning to start your own AUTO ONE business begins.

3. Is There a Territory Fee?

Franchisees are issued a "primary market area" of 10 to 25 thousand households, depending on their ability to market into the area. There is no territory or franchise fee.

4. Do I Pay a Royalty Fee or Marketing Levy?

At AUTO ONE there is NO royalty fee, however franchisees do pay a low flat fee per month regardless of the turnover size of the business, so your performance is uncapped. There is no marketing levy & the majority of marketing funds are raised through supplier relationships whilst some states collectively agree to boost their state marketing account.

5. What happens if I Want to Sell or Leave?

Many AUTO ONE franchisees have been with our group for 10 - 24 years. Some are family businesses heading into their 2nd or 3rd generation of ownership, & some are multi-site operators. They value the marketing & purchasing benefits of being part of a group. If a franchisee ever chose to leave & the business remains theirs. We have no complex exclusion zones & anti- competition clauses if a business is sold, terminated, or not renewed.

6. How Much Does it Cost to Open a Store?

The typical fitout cost of an new AUTO ONE store is $100 to $150 thousand. The initial stock investment is $350 to $400 thousand & is customised to suite your local area. Working capital can range from $50 to $100 thousand. The variables to these costs will be the site, location & trade versus retail stock mix in the store.

Auto One Is More Than Spare Parts, It's An Exciting Business Opportunity!

"There is no doubt that our marketing & branding package is going to set AUTO ONE apart from the other auto parts competitors. For anyone already in an auto parts chain or trading independently & looking to join us, or if you are thinking of opening a new store, there has never been a better time to consider becoming an AUTO ONE member." National Franchise Manager

With all the right brands & the right people, Auto One is the right business opportunity for you!

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"Since making our business decision to become an AUTO ONE franchise, we haven't looked back. Having been involved with other franchises in the past, the level of support from AUTO ONE has been second to none while we retain the ability to run our business our way." Ros - AUTO ONE, Broome WA.

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