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Hi there and thanks for your interest!

We are the 3.2.1.LaunchGuys and we help people like you get launch and grow their own business as a self-employed business coach or consultant.

Over the last 15 years we’ve helped literally hundreds of business people through our coaching, consulting and business education. Then over the last 7 years we've specialised in helping people, particularly those leaving Corporate life, to launch their own Coaching Business in this very rewarding industry,

How do we do that?

We provide a market leading coaching system called “The Business Coach’s Toolbox” which has everything you need to hit the ground running. Importantly, we provide the opportunity to do that for a fraction of the cost of a Franchise or a License… and it’s much quicker than trying to do it DIY!

To help you get started you can access an Information Pack about The Business Coach’s Toolbox by sending us your details in the form provided.

The topics covered in the Info Pack include:

  • Critical Success Factors of a Coaching Business
  • The Coaches Toolbox & Coaching Tools
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead Magnets
  • Creating Authority & Authority Websites
  • Appointment Setting
  • Social Media
  • Signing Clients
  • The Coaching System
  • Coaching Software
  • Business Optimisation, Task Management, Monitoring Client Results & The Client Review System
  • The Income Potential

Featured Opportunities

We provide a unique Membership Model with a simple Monthly Membership that covers the entire “Business Coach’s Toolbox” that you’ll need to start successfully in this industry. There are different memberships available, depending on what tools you need, plus whether you are starting out full time or part time.

As a Membership model, we don’t include the following…
No Franchise or Licence Fees. 
No Long-Term Contracts.
No Royalties. 
No Marketing Fees.
No Trade Restraints.
Instead…It's 100% Your Business...and you keep 100% of your Clients Fees!

Here is an overview of what membership includes…

A Complete Coaching System 
Including how we build your personally branded Authority Website, the Lead Generation System, the Sales System, the Coaching System and the Automated Software for managing your clients.

The Launch Package 
Everything you'll need to position yourself correctly in this industry and hit the ground running, including the optional Appointment Setting Service that makes appointments for you.

The On-Going Support & Training Package 
Expert Sales Coaching and Social Media Coaching, Training, support and an Automated Coaching System with built in Client Retention to take you well beyond the Launch phase.

The Opportunity:

Our Membership offering is totally unique in this industry. Rather than you spending over $250,000 to try and replicate The Business Coach’s Toolbox that we provide, you can simply access it through our monthly Membership program.

As we are providing this at a fraction of the real cost, we are looking to work with the right people.

Here’s what we are looking for…

People that are looking to earn $10, $30k, $50k per month, which by the way, if you’re not aware is more than achievable in this industry, in fact there are coaches earning over $1m per year.

You also need to…

  • Love the idea of business coaching and are keen to be successful.
  • Have a background in business or corporate life of around 10+ years.
  • Be looking for more Income, More Passion and More Freedom in your life.

Important: We only have 4 Training intakes per year and only accept 5 new people per intake. That’s so that we can work closely with those that come on board, so this is a limited opportunity, both from the quality of people we are looking for and the actual availability that we can offer. So there is an application process to become a member.

But, first steps first. Enter your details so that you can receive a copy of The Business Coach’s Toolbox and let’s start the conversation.

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All personal information submitted by you as part of an enquiry will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy