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Kooler Ice - a fantastic business opportunity where you live! 

No staff required

No stock required

You just need power and water!

Kooler Ice is a way to complement your current income, you have the opportunity to own mutable sites without standing great PASSIVE INCOME all year round 24-7.

Why choose Kooler Ice? 

  • No franchise territory fee
  • No requirements for staff or stock to handle your investment -
  • Just power and water 
  • Flexible work hours to suit yourself - maintain your investment in 1-2 hours per week
  • We provide location agreements for each Kooler Ice kiosk site
  • 24-7 income stream (ice and water)
  • Full telemetry communication access to the Kooler Ice Kiosk via mobile phone app
  • Full training and ongoing support for each unique Kooler Ice Kiosk
  • We offer three different models to choose from, depending on population
  • The whole family can be involved in this amazing business
  • Contact the Kooler Ice team now so you can improve your income stream 24-7.
  • Only requires minimal time each week to maintain your investment

Kooler Ice is Australia's largest established ice vending kiosk which supplies HACCP approved food-grade ice and water. 

Our new KOOLER ICE LOCATOR app helps customers find their way to fresh, clean ice. Spread the word!


Featured Opportunities

Kooler Ice specialises in establishing new ice vending kiosk businesses within your local area.

We offer a combined total of 15 years’ experience in the vending industry and are proud to say we have ice vending machines installed in every State around Australia.

At Kooler Ice our mission is to offer the best brand, ice-making machine in the market today and in the future.

Our service and team support will always go beyond what is expected 24-7 to make the ice vending business successful, profitable and enjoyable as possible.

At Kooler Ice we look forward to talking to you in person, and sharing the Kooler Ice business opportunity for the future here in Australia.

The Kooler Ice franchise system is designed to be fair for all parties, and to provide both the Company and our Franchisees with the systems, support and standards required to protect their investment and our common brand.

Rather than just import the machines, sell them and walk away (as is often the case with importers of other vending equipment), we are looking to build on-going business relationships with our customers. To facilitate this, each machine is sold under a simple Franchise agreement. The agreement places obligations and responsibilities on both parties, as you'd expect, however we believe a strong and compliant system will help deliver our Franchisees the support they need from us, and will protect their investment by maintaining our high standards of machine appearance, serviceability and functionality right across the country.

Earn Passive Income by Remote Control

We charge no territory fee, and for a modest license fee (paid monthly, in arrears) our Kooler Ice Franchisees have access to:

  • Technical support
  • Marketing and promotional support
  • Spares and consumables
  • A live “back-end” system through which they can monitor sales and machine operating parameters remotely.

A feature of the system is the smart phone application, which each Franchisee can download, to make running their Kooler Ice franchise even easier – truly passive income!

We are proud members of the Franchising Council of Australia and support the full and complete application of the Franchising Code of Conduct, not only because it’s the law – but because it makes good business sense!

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"Kooler Ice is the best lifestyle business. I don’t get the headache of staff, inventory, and the usual bits and pieces. It allows me to go fishing when I want. love my Kooler Ice business!"

Barry W - Owns four Kooler Ice kiosks in Cairns, Queensland

"Kooler Ice allows me to create another income source without working extra hard. The IceTalk app allows me to see how much I’m making per day, and any maintenance required. The support I get from the Kooler Ice team is excellent!"

Rick S - Owns one Kooler Ice kiosk in Mount Isa, Queensland

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