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We're looking for a very talented individual to invest and take over a Statewide Tasmanian Wedding Expo, currently located in Hobart. Please enquire by email.

Location Details

The business can be run from anywhere in the state or country if you like.


The business has the opportunity to improve and increase in revenue. We believe the new owner could double the current intake. They will be generously rewarded for their efforts if they choose to take on this exciting challenge.


You don’t need any prior experience or qualifications to run this business. Common sense and a passion for events will help you, along with great customer service skills.


We currently spend a maximum of 3 months throughout the year on the business. You will be busier at time of the event.




All involved are signed up as ‘contractors’ with some volunteers.

Reason for Sale

The owner has been unwell and would like someone with more time to continue on with this dream. The owner has spent a huge amount of time/hours starting this successful business and with a heavy heart, wishes it well with its new owner.

About the Business

The business has been open for many years and has a wonderful customer base and track record. Please contact us directly for a meeting to obtain all the information. The best way to make contact is through email.


This business came about as there was a gap in the market place. This business was needed within Tasmania for a number of reasons which can be better explained in quick meeting.

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