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Robert Walpole
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Water Vending Station - Passive Income EVERY DAY of the year - From $9,990 + GST


Big Bottle Water Vending Machines Delivers Ultra purified filtered water – to keep your customers happy all year round Dispenses to any size bottle - for customers who don’t bring their own bottle

Location Details

The attractive Big Bottle Vending machines are able to be placed at any location where there is a demand for water.

The unit requires only a standard weatherproof 240v power point, water supply line and access to a drain.

Marketing Support

We’ve ensured that our machines are both attractive and eye-catching.
Our team will help you with branding and promotional advice - invaluable in the first few months of operation

Training Provided

We want Your Business To Succeed, so right from the get-go we are on hand to help. We’re here 24/7 with years of knowledge water industry and we know how to identify the ideal location for your Big Bottle Vending Machine (It is all about Location, Location, Location), and we know the pitfalls to avoid. We have got the formula right, and will travel to you to find the ideal site for your Big Bottle Vending Machine. We guide you through the process and we help if a site lease needs to be negotiated.


Each Big Bottle Vending Machine features plug-and-play electronics - the most serviceable design on the market. Replacement of all components is easy, they just plug and play- no electrician or plumber required. Almost all of our parts are interchangeable in Big Bottle Vending Machines. (NOW THAT’S SMART!)

Year Business Established


About the Opportunity

Water Vending in Australia
The water vending industry in Australia is still very much in its infancy and there are few statistics available that focus on water vending as distinct from sales generally, including bottled water. The bottled water industry in Australia is worth approximately $400m per year.* At present, in the USA and Canada, there are approximately 33,000 water vending machines in service. In those two countries combined, water vending alone is a $260m industry. Water vending encourages bottle re-use and discourages single-use bottles, so therefore promotes a reduction in landfill and plastics manufacturing, which is an oil-intensive and environmentally unsound process. The Big Bottle Vending water machine provides a unique opportunity, with its eye-catching design and world-leading features, to help develop and promote the purified water vending industry forward in Australia.

Delivers purified filtered water – to keep your customers happy all year round

Dispenses 15 litre bottles - for customers who don’t bring their own bottle

Designed and built for the rough Australian conditions, your machine can be placed indoors or outdoors

Provides a revenue stream – earn money 24/7, even when your business is closed

Unique & highly recognisable design – will draw customers to the machine

Cash or card payments – never lose a customer because they don’t have change

Customer self-service – no staff needed to process transactions, order or restock

Environmental winner – reduces the number of single-use empty bottles to landfill

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