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Cool Couriers

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NSW licence for refrigerated courier services. A golden opportunity to join a successful group which has licensees succesfully operating in Qld, Vic & NSW. Massive growth potential and good returns


5% of gross


$3,102 pw

Marketing Fees

$1,000 pw

Location Details

211 South St
As part of the Freezex Warehouse complex Cool Couriers has its own refrigerated warehouse room for over 500 plt as well as some freezer storage. Great office and knowledgable staff in place to help run the business

Marketing support

Full ongoing sales, marketing and operational support is provided to licensees. Head Office assists with major national sales opportunities and assists Licensees to achieve required sales outcomes locally. Operational and warehousing advise is available to all licensees to review and revise structures to meet growth on a weekly basis.

The general manager of the group has relocated to Sydney and will work directly out of the Sydney office for the next 6 to 12 months to provide on the job guidance and sales support to the successful applicant

Training provided

Staff are currently in place to meet the operational needs of the business. For the Licensee the General Manager has relocated to the Sydney office for the next 6 to 12 months and will be responsible for providing direct training and guidance to the licensee during this time.

Head office provides licensees weekly and on call access to seasoned National Operations & Warehousing Managers to critically review Licensee performance and assist with all issues. Regular monthly meetings occur with senior management on site to review performance


• Self-Starter
• Have a strong logistics background
• High business acumen
• Dedicated to customer service
• Determined to succeed
• Willing to work with a dedicated team of Licensees throughout Australia
• Must be a hands on manager
• Exceptional people skills
• Strong communications ability
• Understanding of computer systems
• Process driven

Length of Agreement

The licence is for five (5) years with an option for a further 5 years

About the Opportunity

As one of the leading Refrigerated Courier Companies in Australia, Cool Couriers Refrigerated Freight Services NSW offers an opportunity for massive growth opportunities in NSW, limited only by the performance of the Licensee. The business generally makes a gross margin of 35% and with stong management controls, net returns of between 8% and 15 % should be achievable.

The business provides a wide range of services to the food & medical industries including;
- Business to business
- Wholesales to business
- Home deliveries
- Same day delivery services
- Next day delivery services
- Express courier services

Our client base includes large supermarkets, Australia's leading home delivery food suppliers, National fast food chains, local food manufacturers and distribution companies. In fact any where food is moved, we can provide the services and the logistics solutions.

The distribution fleet is made up of Sub Contract owner drivers that operate on piece rates with their earnings closely reviewed weekly by Head Office and the licensee to ensure we have a well paid and successful group of drivers. All computers and transport systems are provided to the Licensee. They only need to pay a quarterly service fee. Ongoing development of the transport systems ensures our licensees have access to the very best on the market.

The transport system allows for;
- Direct bookings into the system
- Dispatching direct to driver apps on mobile phones
- Sign on glass capability
- Administration control on all client accounts and rates
- Automatic job pricing
- Automatic driver payments
- Direct invoicing to clients
- Multiple reports for all management requirements to run a business successfully
- Full intergration of all information made available to customer through our web site

Having access to a wide area of NSW the Licensee is only restricted by the service, reliability, communications and attention to detail they provide clients. The industry is still in a growth faze and those that are able to quickly adapt to the needs of clients will be able to cement themselves as the refrigerated courier service of choice.

Year Business Established


Year Licensing / Distribution Commenced


Site locations



The business was originally started by the parent company in 2007. Due to a recent change in circumstances with a previous Licensee, the parent company has set about restructuring and rebuilding relationships with its customer base and the opportunity is now available for the right person to take the business to the next level with direct assistance from H/O.

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