Stadium Fitness - East Perth & Osborne Park (24 Hour Gyms)

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Stadium Fitness is our family business that we built from the ground up. We ignored franchise opportunities to develop our own brand, that 7 years later has become a well know & recognized business.


$900,000 pa


$290,000 pa

Location Details

287 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park and 11 East Parade, East Perth
Stadium Fitness Osborne Park - 287 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park
Stadium Fitness East Perth - 11 East Parade, East Perth

Both locations are on main roads with excellent exposure. Both have plenty of parking & easy access from the freeway.


1. Osborne Park lease is due to be reduce by a considerable amount. We have just had our East Perth location reduced by 40% so this has the same opportunity at Osborne Park.

2. We have never really marketed the gyms. They have just grown organically. With a marketing budget and push, these gyms could explode.

3. Both gyms have the capacity to hold 3-4 more personal trainers each. As personal trainers pay around $250 per week for rent, this can increase profitabiliy dramatically.


There is not to many skills needed to run a successful gym. You need to be a friendly face that members would enjoy having a chat to. You need to keep your gym looking clean and tidy while keeping on top of your personal trainers in there. The software needed to run the gym is easy to use and we can teach this over a short period of time.


The gyms are 24 hour. The personal trainers come and go as they please. Management is in there from around 4pm to 7pm.


Osborne Park has around 18 months left with a 5 year option. The owner is wanting us to extend and offering a huge deal.


1 Manager at East Perth
1 Manager at Osborne Park
1 Operations Manager

Reason for Sale

Both my father and I have been offered roles work wise that we couldn't refuse. As we are not hands on in the business now, we can't give 110% so would prefer to take a step away.

About the Business

Stadium Fitness is our family business that we have built from the ground up. We ignored franchise opportunities to develop our own brand, that 7 years later has become a well know and recognized business. We operate as an independent with both locations separate, profitable businesses. Each is presently running extremely comfortably with great staff and personal trainers already in place. Checkout out our website and the description below and if you are interested, please give me a call or text to discuss. We can organise a viewing and provide all documents and financials for both gyms, for seriously interested parties.


Stadium Fitness is a West Australian owned and operated business that has built a reputation as being Perth’s most personal and customer driven 24-hour fitness centre. Offering a welcoming and inclusive, fun culture with industry leading equipment and the personal touch of a community gym, Stadium Fitness is leading the health and fitness industry into a new era. With 24 hour access, 7 days a week and a wealth of fitness experience and knowledge, members can enjoy their health and fitness journey in a clean, safe and non-judgemental environment.

Whether you are an active gym goer or a first-time gym user, Stadium Fitness has you covered with not only some of the best personal trainers the industry has to offer, but also a hand selected team of customer friendly managers, trained and prepared to make all your fitness dreams become reality.

Come on in and enjoy the new personalised style of a 24/7 gym.


East Perth has been oporating for around 7 years now while Osborne Park is coming up to year 4 very soon. I was a personal trainer back in the day prior to the gyms and saw a huge area for improvement in the industry so decided to take this into my own hands by creating something special.

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