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Investment level:
$110,000 (Negotiable)


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New Zealand social media agency. Be your own boss! Work from home or from a shared office, currently based in Christchurch but can work from anywhere. Current salary 110k - on a part-time basis!


$188,000 pa


$3,600 pa


$70,000 pa

Net Profit

$110,000 pa

Location Details

The business is currently located in Christchurch. Because it is an online company, the owners can be based in any city across New Zealand.


This business is ready to grow! The infrastructure is in place, the systems all ready to go. A potential buyer could invest in sales / account managers across New Zealand. It has been set up to be a nationwide media agency.


Sales and business development
Account management
Marketing; strategy, social media, PR
Potentially photography and design, however this can be easily outsourced to one of the agency's freelancers.


Flexible- there are no fixed hours.


There is a part-time shared office space for x3 days per week in central Christchurch. There is a 1 month notice period


One part-time social media assistant, and then graphic design, photography and copywriting freelancer's on an as-needs / project basis.

Reason for Sale

One of the directors owns another company which now requires full time focus and the other director does not want to buy them out. It's also reached a point where in order for it to grow, it needs funding or investors to scale it.

About the Business

This social media agency has grown so quickly over the past three years. It's reached a point where it not only has a steady client base, but also weekly enquiries for work.

Last financial year, the directors took home a salary of 55k each, on a part-time basis. Imagine what this business is capable of with someone driving it full-time, or with some funding to scale it.

The infrastructure is in place, ready for the business to grow, and the systems and the successful formula for providing social media help has been tried and tested.

This business will suit either a marketing professional, who is capable of putting together a comprehensive social media strategy and account management, or a talented photographer and graphic designer.

Ideally, the company will sell to a sole operator who can work with the agency's freelancers, or to someone with funding and an intent to scale the business nationwide.

Currently based in Christchurch, this business can easily remote work so there is potential for someone who is living in another city to purchase this business. The beauty of it being an online business is that you can work from anywhere! The current directors often travel and work.

The services provided are;

- Content creation
- Copy writing
- Social media management
- Social media strategy
- PR campaigns
- Influencer outreach

The clients are diverse, and include; hospitality, retail, shopping centres, construction, publishing, beauty and service based businesses.


Initally, it started as a collaboration between the two directors in October 2016. The marketing background of one combined with the creative talent of the other, meant that the could provide a comprehensive social media service for clients. It rapidly grew and the company was formed 8 months later. It became succcessful because the agency is able to run their clients social media from end to end, freeing up their time to work on their own business.

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